Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Everyone Is Getting Scarves For Christmas

I am not one to write an entire post on what I did last night.  You would all be bored to tears so I usually spare you such details.  But last night is an exception.  I am so excited to report what I did.
And as usual, I need to back up a bit.  I started this blog about 1 year ago.  I mostly started it because I found Pioneer Woman's Blog and watched Julie & Julia.  I promptly bought a camera (thanks to Pioneer Woman), and I opened a blogger account (thanks to Julie&Julia).
I did what most new bloggers probably do, spend all their time reading...mmm..themselves.  I was so proud of me that I just went to my blog and PW's blog.  I did not yet realize the wonderful world of mom bloggers.  Then I started searching around other mom bloggers sites.  Each afternoon, while kiddos napped, I  found myself clickin' my way to some really neat women.

And then I found the small things blog and became her #1 fan.  Although, as you know in blogger world, you can be someones #1 fan and they have no idea who you are. Well, let's just say I read her daily, and then I started reading her comments, and then I started visiting the blogs of people who commented on her site.

And all these women, Ginny included, were amazingly talented knitters.  They made the coolest stuff.  Like stuff I want to wear.I loved the yarn.  I loved all the colors. And I could just picture myself sitting in a cuddly chair, sipping coffee  KNITTING, while my little ones scampered at my feet.  I don't know why I picture such foolish things, but nevertheless, I was so inspired!  I thought to myself.." can do this!!"

So about 3 months later (you know how easy it is to find spare time to learn to knit) I found myself a little yarn shop, called up and signed up for a class. And now I am signed up for 4 classes and I am proud to say I hope I  will be the owner of a hand knit $60 scarf.  Yarn is darn expensive (the 4 week class was 40)!!

The class was awesome.  The lady teaching was WONDERFUL!!  She was so patient and she really knew how to knit..which probably comes in handy OWNING a knitting store.  I had a blast.  I casted on and made several rows and then made several mistake so I had to pull it all out...which I am told is normal.

I was a little bummed I was not walking out of the lesson claiming this cute hat as my own.  But I am grateful for the simple progress I made.

Knitting is not that hard, but my fingers were really tired.  And of course, I know think my next step in life will be to one day own  a knitting yarn store..
Because that is how my brain works.

Stay tuned for me to show you the finished product. Hopefully not in typical mom time..but really motivated to finish my $60 scarf time!!


  1. But of course I DO know who you are and have my fingers crossed that you are going to end up in my neck of the woods. Then we can knit fabulously expensive things together while our children play peacefully at our feet--right?

  2. Oh, and the header looks great!

  3. Hi Lisa,

    Love your new header! So festive.
    Fun post. My Mom has recently gotten into knitting and she sometimes posts tutorials for different things on her blog, (I just linked to her blog in my last post.)

    Isn't the world of mom bloggers so impressive? I loved reading about how you started to blog after Julie and Julia. Wasn't that a great movie?

    I've been so impressed and learned such neat things from so many of these great mom bloggers. I just love it.

    You asked about my camera... yes I have a Nikon D60 and the lens I use most right now is my tamron 28-75 2.8. I love it. I did really love my 50mm but I sold it because I had the 1.8 (which does not autofocus on the D60) and because I want to buy the 1.4. What camera do you shoot with? Have you taken classes before?

  4. I noticed the sign on the store said yarn and BEADS- where is this place? Hobbies are so much fun. Now you can open an etsy store for scarves :)

  5. I'll watch your progress with gusto :) Plus, your pictures are so gorgeous that some colorfully knit pieces -- even if they happen to be riddled with mistakes -- are bound to be beautiful.

    I need to buy a camera :)

  6. Wow...knitting!

    Now that is something I would love to try! You are right, the images conjured up always seem so peaceful and serene!

    Can't wait to see the finished projects!
    Enjoy the day

    October header looks great!

  7. I love your blog and have given you The Versatile Blogger Award. Please visit my site to receive your award. Thank you for a having such an uplifting blog.

  8. I started knitting about 11 years ago - and I loved it!! for a couple years I made hats, washcloths, and even started a sweater. For some reason (not really sure why, actually) I stopped. About a year ago I tried to pick it up again but couldn't remember how to do it!!!Maybe when I see you over Thanksgiving you can refresh my memory!!

  9. Your story could have been my story. I started knitting because of Soulemama and all the other mama bloggers I met through her blog. I took my first lesson (I've only had one lesson at my local yarn shop.) in Feb '09 and I knitted and knit/purled 5 washclothes. By Christmas of last year a mere 10 months later, I knit my first sweater. Once you're hooked, it comes quickly. If you haven't checked out ravelry, you should...and friend me!

    PS. Here are the links to my first knitting and Finn's birthday sweater:

  10. I love the fall header! Love the pictures and can't wait to see the final product!

  11. I love this! And I love knitting. I need to get going again on my $60 scarf. All that yarn is addicting. So much potential:) Have fun with it. I'll try to post some of my creations too.

  12. Lisa~ what fun! My friend Cloie taught me to knit....I have a bag of yarn and several pairs of needles... but it just sits there. Good luck with the scarves!! And your pictures are wonderful!!!!!


  13. I am just a "lurker", but I did want to say your header looks great, and all the pics on your blog are beautiful, too! +JMJ+

  14. I'm visiting from Adventures of Arbor Creek - congrats on the award!
    Loved reading your blog and am now following.

  15. I would like to place an order for 27 pairs of socks and one of those cute hats for Sarah. Can I get them in time for Christmas??
    Today's my blog's anniversary -AS YOU KNOW- and I'm asking my peeps for suggestions for the next year, let me know if you have any. I'm ready to change up my page!!

  16. Miss Lisa! :)

    Just got your sweet comment... I hardly ever have time to respond to people these days, and I seldom go to new blogs because it used to consume my time for hours.... anyway, I am SO excited to "meet" you in this blogland... I adore your photos and just spent a bunch of time during "quiet hour" perusing your cute blog. It's lovely! (I am newly obsessed with knitting, and everyone got scarves from me last year too!!) I know we're going to be blogging buddies. So glad you stopped by to say hi today.


  17. Oh how fun - I'm a crocheter but have been tempted to learn to knit as well. Some people say you can't do both and trust me I've tried to read learn to knit books but I think if I took a class I could learn.

    Can't wait to see your scarf.

  18. i think that's great! i tried knitting and forgot every.single.thing. i learned by the time i got home from the class. i want to give crocheting a chance next. maybe i'll be able to remember it. :)
    love your photos!!

  19. What a great hobby to take up! My mom and sister both crochet and are always making the neatest things (scarves, hats, blankets, all kinds of things). My aunt just knitted my daughter the most beautiful sweater for her birthday do. I love the handmade items and when it comes from family it makes it that much more special! Once again I love your photos, you have a real talent for it. You made something as simple as a yarn shop look like art!

  20. Haha! Good for you! (btw, that hat is crocheted, I do believe, so you would have had a hard time doing that with knitting needles!). Have fun and make sure those kids scamper at your feet while you knit. ;-)