Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Grand Opening Giveway

This week has been such a blast for me...with all the excitement of my new blog name, Pete getting the job list and me finally coming to grips with reality of our move.  Having this week include a pay day doesn't hurt either. 

And guess what?  The ultimate highlight of my week.....(so far)
I had 9 comments on my last post.  That is the most comments EVER...I was so tickled, excited and let's just  say...
(comments do that to me...who knew?)

The funny thing is in the morning Pete usually reads my posts while I am in the shower.  So when he walks in the room I can tell if he thinks it is a good post or not (it's so great living with my biggest fan).  This morning there was no eye contact and he swept out of the room without mentioning anything.  When he came back in to brush his teeth I said, " What do you think??Pretty lame?  Not bad pictures though"
He was like..." was...good." Code for, "I was able to sit through it but you can do better kid"

No worries..some days peanuts, some days shells (wink, wink mom). But at about 3:30 he calls me and says..." have 9 comments.WOW"
Oh..the simple things in life
Which brings me to my..
Thank You For Commenting And Reading My New Blog GIVEWAY

My good friend Shawn makes really pretty Catholic inspired jewelry.  She started her own Etsy shop and donates some of her proceeds.  I bought a necklace over the summer and wear it often. 
I am going to randomly pick a commenter to win ANYTHING from her shop. 
I think people who can create such cool things are so lucky.  I am so proud of Shawn for doing this and I want all of you to own a piece of her PLEASE leave a comment..make me the happiest girl in the me blow my record away.

Feel foolish leaving a silly comment???
How about you tell me the one thing you have always wanted to try doing..but you have not gotten around to it yet. 
The comment can read something like this:

Lisa...great blog.  I really want to own a piece of Shawn's jewelry.  There are so many things I still want to try my hand at..but for the moment I am really taken with the idea of learning to knit.   One of my favorite blogs is small things and she makes the most incredible stuff..and if you click on the people who comment on her blog they are all SUPER talented at knitting.  So good luck to me.  I hope I win.  If not I still plan on buying something from AxisMundi Designs.



  1. Your blog is awesome! I'm glad you post regularly because I don't think I could handle waiting longer than a day or two between posts! I'm a little surprised 9 comments is your record. I would guess quite a bit more. :)

  2. You have no idea how much I've been coveting Shawn's awesome, gorgeous stuff! Very cool giveaway.

    One of these days I'm going to become a sewing rock star. Probably not anytime soon, but one day. :)

    Thanks, Lisa! Beautiful new site!

  3. Awww... the etsy store is so cute... I love all of her stuff. I love the rosary bracelet, I've been wanting to get one for awhile but haven't yet. Great pictures, as always!

  4. You are so funny--or maybe silly is the word I am looking for...
    I am trying to think of something I've always wanted to try doing.
    I wish I could draw and sing. I do both horribly. I realize that doesn't count. I am wishing for talents I don't have rather than coming up with something I want to try.
    Oh, I remember! I want to spin wool into yarn! I may take a class this fall.

    I love that jewelry!

  5. Lisa, I love your blog!
    I found it while following kelle hampton.
    I have 2 boys and think I am busy!!! I am inspired by your Faith and have enjoyed reading some of your older posts as well as the new. I went to Catholic school all my life and went to Mass every Sunday. Several years ago I started slacking a bit. Now, I want to set a good example for my boys....especially since my older son is in Catholic Pre-K!
    Your 5 children are adorable and I admire your commitment to homeschooling. I know it must be challenging at times. I sometimes think of homeschooling but wonder if I could do it!
    I want to start blogging to document our lives for my sons. I want to be the best Mother I can be.

  6. I did win the can opener...does that make me out of the running for the jewelry?
    You know I love your blog....and did I get an answer to my questions from my last comments? Hmm....I better go may not go to my email!

  7. I'd like to drive a race car one day, learn to sing, learn to paint, learn to be patient, write a book, play and instrument, spend a day alone, go to Sea World, get contacts, get a basset hound, get a tummy tuck, plant a rose garden, make homemade wine, spend a weekend at the beach with girlfriends while it rains, see Sean in my dreams, take a great picture of a sunset, lose five pounds, meet Gordon Ramsay, spend the night up talking with my husband, and finish renovating my crime scene of a house.

  8. i want to write a book or 10, see the world-lots of it, dance on a stage en pointe, find an instrument that fits me best and learn to play the heck out of it, get that elusive phd so i can shed the need to prove my point, spend more time with the tall people, hang out once again in a Parisian cafe with my hubby and a nice bottle of vino, and find the tree to sit under where time stands still and i can read a stack of books a mile high with only the chirping of the birds to interrupt my thoughts ;-)
    lovely blog, Lisa! i enjoyed catching up on your posts and the new name is perfect! -Amanda H.

  9. Lisa,
    Ditto on the love of Shawn's jewelery. I'd like to have some for myself or any of my girls:)
    I really want to travel and see the Grand Canyon. I don't mean drive there and take a few pics. I'd love to go on one of those "ride a donkey into the canyon for a few nights of camping" so I could really get a great view of everything.
    Have a great day.

  10. I love a good giveaway and that jewelry is awesome! I would definitely love to be more crafty and have more patience - the two go hand in hand a bit don't ya think?

  11. Lisa, I have to tell you, I stumbled across your blog through a comment you had left on Enjoying the Small Things. I was intrigued by your name- Catholic mom to Five... see, I'm a Catholic Mom, but to 2 : ) I've never commented, but think you need to blow the 9 comments out of the water!! Thanks a bunch!

  12. I love that Etsy shop! Beautiful things for sure...reminds me of some of the medallions we used to get from the nuns in grade school for being good.

  13. Lisa...I LOVE your blog! I check every day to look at the new pictures of my beautiful grandkids, and enjoy the story that goes along with it....I wish I had a blog, but it's impossible for me to figure out how to do it! I am so impressed with your skill!

  14. Hello there!
    I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to tell you hello from a fellow Catholic homeschooling military wife! Beautiful pictures, tidbits and insight to a wonderful daily life -- I will be back!

  15. I am not Catholic - so I am not leaving a comment to try and win, but just leaving a comment to let you know that I think your blog (and you!)are awesome!!!

  16. Hey Lisa!! So exciting, will I be one of those blogers that you give a shout out to when you have 2500 followers and I can say "I knew her when" :)

    One thing I really want to do, but never tried..... sky diving!!!! Just not that time of my life just yet :) God Bless friend!

  17. Just found your blog and have enjoyed it all!! Nice to meet you. I'm your newest follower. Have a great day!

  18. Lisa -- great blog. I really want to own a piece of Shawn's jewelry. :) I had to peek at your blog after you commented on my sister's piece at Betty Beguiles. Then I had to leave a comment because your daughter's name is Emily and you have a husband in the military and live in the state next door to ours. We used to homeschool, too, but my husband just returned from deployment, so I 've been on a break. We are looking at job lists too, and crossing our fingers for overseas although it scares me to death, and we don't think the military will pay to move our six kids. Some day I really want to live in the same place for a long time, but right now I'm enjoying the adventure.
    Nice to meet you!

  19. I would LOVE a piece of that gorgeous jewelry. I just converted to Catholicism last year. :)

    I hold several food drives each year. I want to open a food pantry. It is my passion to feed the hungry. I am so blessed to have so much, how can I not share?! One day my dream of opening a food pantry will come true!

    have a beautiful day!

  20. many things I'd like to try, but one of my *at-the-top* dreams- a place to feed those in need, but a REALLY pretty, fun, delicious place- one that makes them feel special and loved just being there- and it would offer birthday parties for children whom might not otherwise be able to afford one...*sigh* big dream! BIG God!
    What beautiful jewelry! and your blog is delightful!
    Many Blessings!

  21. Glad you are writing and sharing your life and talent! I wish time could stand still once a week while I caught up all my "to dos" but didn't miss a minute of time with my children and husband. Since that won't happen, I just pray for perseverance, patience, and good prioritizing!

  22. I think I've mentioned more than once how great I think your blog, photos, family, YOU are! I am most impressed today with your number of comments, not surprised though! Keep up the good work!

  23. Hi Lisa, thanks for stopping by my blog! Nice to "meet" you!! Love your pictures!!

  24. Having fun this evening reading through your posts! Thank you for your sweet comment and visit this evening. Happy to follow along with you :)

  25. Love your blog... jewelry is beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog as well!

  26. Wow- you're up to 25! I'm excited, honored, flattered that you picked something from my shop as your giveaway to celebrate the awesome new look. I also appreciate all of the compliments - a little affirmation in a wonderful thing.

  27. Love your blog. Just found it a couple days ago (right when you switched!) while browsing through some comments at Clover Lane. The photography, your faith, homeschooling and just your style of day to day writing. It's nice to get a glimpse into the lives of other moms. There have been so many times when I've read posts that I could relate so well to, that I could have written them myself (but not nearly as well:). Looks like 9 comments will be history after this blog post!

  28. Can I tell you how happy it made me to get a comment from you on my little ole blog??
    Looks like I am going to have to add a new blog to my list! What a beautiful family you have.
    Nice to meet you! :)

  29. I just discovered you by way of Thrifty Mystics and, as I was scrolling down your page I had two words pop out at me: "Catholic" and "military". My friend, Ute, and I blog at Flowers Round the Cross and are trying to network with other Catholic military wives and moms who blog. Are you a CMM (Catholic Military Mom)? Can we add you to our list on the left side of our blog?
    LOVE your blog!

  30. thanks for visiting (my blog). i just found this version of your blog. i didn't realize that i was on the "old version." i can't wait to visit some more.

  31. Well, I would LOVE to comment here (thanks for inviting us all) because I truly do LOVE your blog! A friend sent me the link and I immediately knew you had good decorating, in your mode of education (I homeschool too :) ) , even in your husband...what a sweetie to read everything you write!

    You said to share what we would like to learn to do. Well, I have been trying to learn to sew now for, oh, about 30 years. (Yikes! Am I that old?) I have a beautiful new machine, some vintage apron patterns, (something I really want to make and it seems fairly reasonable). The *problem* is simply a four-letter word....T..I...M...E. lol

    I am the mother of nine blessings, ages 5 to 22. (Oh where does the time go? ) I have also given birth to a new blog, which I'd love visitors to visit. (well, duh:)) The link is here:

    In fact, I'd love if you'd grab a button and link up. I'd love to add you to our blog roll too.

    The blog is the result of a new "child", I mean book, "Stories for the Homeschool Heart". I say "child" because it seems like my baby (co-authored with a friend and colleague Patti Armstrong).

    Birthing a book is a lot like birthing a baby...the idea is conceived. It grows. You have to wait a lot. You get aversions to food as you work your way through....ok, not so much aversions, but maybe cravings like chocolate kisses as you're up typing at 1 a.m. because you couldn't fit in typing any earlier on account of you having nine kids....

    Then, after this 'labor', and an especially intense leading-up-to-the-moment, a book is born. Here's our newborn picture:

    Anyway, in summary, I would like to say:
    1. Great blog
    2. The answer to your question is I would like to learn to sew
    3. And please visit me on our HH blog.

    Thanks. :) And your family is beautiful!