Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting In The Game

We are in year 4 here in Alabama.  In military speak that means "You have just now gotten a hold on things so therefore you must move."

We always know this is coming.  We talk about it on and off as soon as we check into a duty station.  We are always aware of the fact that we get to borrow towns to live in but never keep them.

I have always loved moving.  I like the adventure, the change, the new way of life.  But this time, I am a little scared.

This is the first time I am moving with 5 little kids.  When we moved here we had Emily 5, Molly 4, Jack 1, Lucy 4 weeks old.  So that is really like 3 1/2 people...not bad.

But 5 real live hungry, loud, messy, noisy, full of life children are coming with us and I have to make all of our lives flow along as smooth as possible.  This scares me this time.  This seems like a lot of work. 

Pete and I are in the throws of conversation about our next duty station.  I was a bit dramatic last week feeling like this move was the end of my world.  This week I am feeling a bit more....

Thanks to a great priest who has really become a spiritual advisor to me..not that he asked to be or I asked him to be.  But when I go to confession with him he always gives me such beautiful council.

And this weekend he said to me..."Sometimes we just have to persevere even when we think we can't or don't want to.  You have to practice persevering in order to perfect it." new game plan for gearing up for this move is to
"Persevere until I perfect it".
I love when simple concepts can clear the air, change your path and give you something to work for.
Here's to persevering!!


  1. Any idea where you guys may end up? I like moving too.... so exciting and challenging. I think you learn a lot about yourself. I moved growing up and really enjoy meeting all of the new people, and holding onto a couple close friends from each city.

  2. You learn perseverance EVERY day with five little ones under foot, so moving is just a temporary challenge in the area of persevering. Then it settles down and you will be back to the daily perseverance-and it will seem easier to endure.
    *The Sylvesters can't wait to visit you wherever you wind up next! (So you'd better plan ahead in the square footage of your next home :)*

  3. Great post -- love the advice! A priest like that is worth his weight in Holy Water! Glad you left a comment for my giveaway -- glad I followed it back here. Have a great day.

  4. I like your new name and "look" on your blog....wondering if the name changed because you won't be a mommy of just "5" anymore.....are you growing?
    Also....where are you moving? Any ideas????

  5. You are a fabulous photographer! I am jealous, I don't even know how to use a camera! Also, I cannot imagine moving with five children, my husband would love to just move across town but I insist that we stay put. If perseverance is what it takes to do that, then I should be praying for more of it as well!

  6. Oh these pictures are fabulous! Honestly, I do not knwo how you move so often. I would not be able to.

  7. We've moved a lot too. It actually is a real blessing-- it has forced us to simplify, organize, and also become closer as a family.

    Your blog is so cute!! I'm making that minestrone this week! Looks good!!