Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some Things Never Change...My Header Finally Has!!

I have finally figured out how to change my header to a picture I took.  I will be playing with this a lot in my spare time...which is not saying very much right now because school is really hard this year.
We are still staying very wet here most of the afternoon's.  I try to be creative and take "new" pictures of the kids doing the same exact thing every day...but this is life for me..

I am very much a STAY AT HOME MOM...we stay home a lot!!  Like all day sometimes...

We play in the hose, BBQ dinner and try not to drink a bottle of wine EVERY night...but I love every wet minute with them...and I love to see them playing together and making the most of our life together.

This is my life.  I get to see this picture on a daily basis.  I get to be the one to pull all this together.  This is my life....WOW!!
They encourage me...they inspire me and they make me want to do better each day.

p.s.  sorry for the totally blown out pictures the last 2 has been so overcast lately I was having a hard time getting my camera to work with the bright beautiful sunshine.  That just means I need more sunshine in my days to get better...


  1. I love the new header! So cute!!

  2. Nice header, Lisa, but I'd like to see 5 pair of tennies in one shot! ;)