Monday, August 30, 2010

We Are Famous

I know a famous friend Kathy is a guest blogger today at

Because of her witty fun style of writing she was asked to write for another blog.
I am so proud of her.  She is her own guest blogger at her own fun site.

We started blogging and picture taking together.  Last year about this time we both went to see the movie Julie and Julia.  We both left pretty inspired.  We decided we wanted to eat more and start a blog !!

We have had a lot of fun this year doing those 2 things together. She is really good at cooking, writing and picture taking...I am really good at copying her. 

Another thing I am good at is inviting myself over her house so I can take pictures, eat her food and enjoy her company.  Which reminds me..
Kathy, can we come over today after school and celebrate your big day of guest blogging?  I promise we will eat whatever you bake us.
Great job my friend !!

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  1. I am so humbled, I'm gonna post a link to this on the comment section of my recent post, so we'll see if it gets noticed. I am so up for a visit. We are leaving for rehearsals around 5:45 so afternoon would be fine. Give me a call! I am so glad we did this together because you are the only person who can truly appreciate this nonsense!