Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Dirty Little Story

I live in a land of lots of dirt....

There are dirty things all around me.  I never thought people could love dirt and dirty things so much.

Dirt saves me a lot of money...believe it or not.  I don't buy a lot of outdoor toys for the kids...no trampolines, no swing sets, no elaborate sand boxes.  Because I have found that the most exciting things for them to play with is free...and plentiful!!!


My kids can be entertained for hours with nothing more than a rope, some dirt and old wood pieces that have been made into a birthday cake.

I realize this is hard for some moms to understand but I have always been a "eat watermelon with no bib on" type of mom. 

I will admit to sometimes wishing the whole world was made of concrete where no dirt could be carried over to me so I can pretend to eat it!!!
But I realize I would have a lot of toys to buy and who wants to do that?


  1. I love this! And I especially love that it was written by the mother of 4 girls (and 1 boy, of course!)

  2. Hi Lisa we are just trying to setup to use your comment.

  3. I found it and I hope you get this one, I’ve tried to send you 3 of them already, however I don't know if any of them got through.
    I love the pictures of the children, they all look so adorable and like they are having such a fun time, not an easy task for any Mama, not to mention such a beautiful, hardworking, home-schooling, versatile Mommy to 5 such as yourself, my beautiful Sitka Rose. I am so proud of you!!! Don't you just love how Jackerbean wrote his name WOW!!! What a guy!! I love all of you so much!!! Squeeze everyone for me and have them squeeze you back, all of you are the very beat of my heart.
    PS. How is your car?
    Oh yea PPS. OH NO! - Rollers! Who is that lady with ROLLERS in her hair???
    I didn’t know women still used them.
    Oh well they are what they are – a fact of my life, what would I do without my rollers, it must be one of those love hate relationships.

    Rollers, rollers in my hair
    Why must I use them
    It’s just not fair
    Fair or not they must be used
    So silky, shinny, smoothness can be infused
    Do you want dry, frizzy, awful hair
    No you say – than be aware
    and don’t despair
    Use the rollers and you’ll have nice hair