Thursday, August 12, 2010

Full Disclosure Week

I have been given a son.  I know this was part of God's plan for me and I am very grateful He is in charge....but let me tell you I am really hoping He made the right choice.

You see...boys are different than girls.  Most people look at our family as 4 weddings and an escape....
I look at it as.."Anything can be fixed with some glitter and a pedicure"

Jack has a heart of gold and I adore him ....I'm just not 100% sure how to parent him. I want to know.  I really want to know.
So right now in my amazon cart is like 15 "How To Raise Boy" books...all ordered on overnight shipping.
It seems like he just all of a sudden embraced his gender..well...either he has or I have.  But the bottom line is...He is a boy and I am a girl who does not know what to do with being a mom to a little man.
Pete is a huge part of parenting all the kids...but I think I need a little extra in the Jack dept.  and right now Daddy is away and Jack is ALL mine...poor little guy.

We are not big toy buyers.  We got a huge container of Lego's from my good friend when we were leaving Alaska...that and some cars are what makes up Jack's toys.  He has some wooden trains and other odds and ends but overall he is not a toy player.  He is a annoy his sisters and tie all things up player.  So I think I need to go boy know some rope, hooks for the wall to attach the rope and perhaps some padding for his room so he can pretend he is Spiderman without slamming his head against the wall.

So far I am not seeing the whole, "Boys are so much easier than girls" situation.  Financially...I hear ya!  Getting dresses in the morning..Absolutely!  But I speak girl language...long talks about every little feeling, a piece of hair that just won't obey, nail polish that won't stay on, not being able to find a cute pair of shoes that are comfy, not liking sweat trickling down your back....
But I am now determined to learn boy language..I want to be the best mom I can be to Jack.  I want to speak his language..I just have some catching up to do!!

p.s. I have now added praying extra for moms with all boys...they need lots of Grace and they are a woman set above others!!


  1. I think of you and all those girls and I cannot imagine in a million years doing what you do. My three sons suit me just fine; it's my dear daughter that has me in a tizzy.


  2. I really liked this book:

  3. I don't know if your parish subscribes to Lighthouse Catholic Media's CD-of-the-month (if they do, you may have seen this CD)-- ours does and this month the CD was "The Gift of Sexuality" by Fr Thomas Loya

    It is outstanding! The reason I mention it here is Fr Loya gives a beautiful explanation about the ways girls and boys, men and women are different and lots of good information on raising boys and girls to be the men and women God intended.

    Gabe heard Fr Loya give this talk to his freshman discipleship class at Notre Dame. So this comes also recommended by Gabe--imagine that!