Friday, July 23, 2010

I Did It...Sorta!!

I tried to recreate last year’s picture this year .

It was hot and painful …especially for Jack….as you can see. Emily, clearly unaware of where I was wanting her to look.

Emily looks a little stressed out and desperate for help. This get worse...quickly!

And look at Lucy…her expression does not change a bit….this is her life…a party to be enjoyed at every minute, no matter who around her may be suffering.

And the birthday girl….just as cool as can be enjoying all this moment has to offer. She is the steady rock amongst us all.

And Priscilla…hanging on for dear life…to LUCY!!! God HELP US ALL!!
And I can't even tell you what Jack may be thinking....but I have a feeling he thinks it often when he is surrounded by!!!

And much to their relief this 3 second photo shoot was over.  I am not joking you...this series of pictures was taken within a 3 second span.  I showed you every one I took and  I must admit that when I first looked through these I was laughing so hard I started to really cry.

I am going to call this a failure overall.  I was hoping for a better outcome.  I will admit we had about 110 things working against us...
1. heat
2. heat
3. heat
4. Jack does not like to be touched by Lucy..especially when he is hot
4. heat
 5.  I was HOT
6.  Pete was hot
7.  It was REALLY HOT!!

p.s thanks mom for the box of Via Iced Coffee...I am SO EXCITED!!!  Thank you ...thank you!!!


  1. Absolutely hilarious Lisa!!!!!

  2. Hi Lisa-I love reading your blog-you have an adorable family!!