Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Am Jumping The Gun Here..

A blog friend asked for pictures of our school being lazy I just thought I would re-post for her...sorry for the repeat but I have loved this room and I am honored that someone else did too...

I had to give you a sneak peak at the School Room in progress.

On Monday morning I looked around the house and decided something had to change and since we are renters for 11 more months I knew it could not be as drastic as I may have wanted.  Space is tight around here and I had to give myself more room to do things, especially for the little ones during the school day.
  They love to be part of the action but there was no room in the dining room for all of us, plus supplies and books for school.

Since nobody volunteered to move out I decided to move people around.  I moved Jack and Lucy into Priscilla's room...much to her delight.  She thinks it is a party every time I close the door.  We are still working that out.

So after I got the idea to make a school room I looked around and decided I needed a table and some chairs.  I called my favorite furniture girl from White House Antiques and told her to open her doors .....mama needs a table.

She had the perfect table ready for me to take home that afternoon for $100 !!!  I was thrilled!!  I know it sounds like a lot but my last table cost me a fortune so this was a steal!!  The only bummer part was I had to wait a few days so she could finish covering the 6 chairs I am also buying from her for .....get this $100!!!
Once again, I am thrilled because that is less than $20 a chair.  And they are SUPER CUTE!!!!

Everything else you see I had stashed around the house in various rooms.  Except the white picnic basket. I saw that sitting on top of the table at White House and I knew the 2 had to stay together.  I had the large chalkboard already and the white bookshelves and  little red things came together pretty easily!

I love the bright light that pours into this room all day long.  I am imagining lots of wonderful school days spent in this bright...cheery room!!  Please let me dream...just for 3 more weeks until reality sets in .

And so far my favorite part of the school room is this trash bin.  I never had one near us before and I am already loving the ability to throw things away and not having to go to the kitchen.  Imagine!

I put all our craft things in the schoolroom and I am stocking up on lots of fun things for Jack and Lucy to do!!  I will pick up the chairs on Wednesday and show you the room COMPLETE!!!  Minus the stressed out mom in 4 weeks!!!

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