Thursday, July 15, 2010

Busy...But Good

I have not been able to blog as much this month.  We have had a busy July.  I think it is funny how life is either feast or famine.  We either have NOTHING to do...or...

we get to do lots of stuff packed into a short time.
Over the 4th of July weekend I got to do a fun "photo shoot" with my cousin and her brand new baby twins.  What I love about getting to do these "photo shoots" is I get to see how far I have come and I realize how much further I would like to be...I have a long way to go before I can really call these "photo shoots" without the quotes...
No matter how far I get into picture taking,  my favorite thing to capture is every day moments that I don't want to forget.
After we got back from Uncle Bruce's 4th of July weekend Pete's mom came for a visit.  We love her to visit for many reasons but recently Pete and I have relied on her visits as an opportunity to have a fun date without paying for a babysitter.  We got a whole day out on the town.  We went shopping, to a movie and then my favorite part...dinner!
Pete decided he wanted a beer sampler.  Mellow Mushroom ran out of 5 oz. taste glasses, much to Pete's delight, so he got an upgraded sampler.  And this is my favorite part, when the waitress asked him what beer's he wanted he told her to pick.
I love when he does stuff like that.  I am like super control woman when it comes to what I drink and eat.  I would rather die than have someone else in control of my beer sampler. 

Not to mention that my beer sampler would be 6 samples of Coors Lite because I am lame like that when it comes to beer.
And note to self..."Take Pete on a beer sampling tour BEFORE I take him shopping.  I was really feeling the love when we left Mellow Mushroom."
The rest of the weekend was filled with ordinary moments. 
Most of the time now we are listening to Jack's endless questions and it takes a sweet Grandma to answer every one.
At this point in time we would like to hire a full time question answerer for Jack. Pete and I are hoping he does not grow up to be the annoying guy who never stops talking, things are not looking good at this point.
Next up....Molly turns 7 next Friday.  We are in full scale prep mode.  We have declared this year the year of NO birthday parties.  It is just us and them!!  So special!!


  1. Lisa....I love the pictures! I had such a fun weekend with you all.....tell me....are there still boo boo pops left in the freezer? lol
    Love you all so much!!!!

  2. I loved seeing Karan with her grandchildren!

  3. Hey Lisa!! I need your new address to send the birthday cards!! Email me at! Thanks!!