Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Saying Goodbye

Leaving friends is really hard to do.  Being the one left behind is even harder.  I see it happen ALL the time.  Being in the Coast Guard we have had our fair share of farewells.  Some are easier than others but one thing is for sure , when it is hard hard.

One of my sweet babysitters just moved recently, leaving heart break behind her (my other sweet babysitter).  This extraordinary family only lived here for 18 months but they touched a lot of people's lives.

The mama and I were good friends for a short time and I enjoyed every minute.  She is the type of friend that makes you want to be a better ...everything, a better wife, a better mother, and better ...person.

 I learned so much from her in the short time we were close.  It makes me sad that she is no longer in my life.  I will miss her..I have for awhile. 

Tammy is really good at a lot of things.  Not wanting to reduce our friendship to a numbered list...but I must share a few specifics..
1.  My laundry system is her greatest gift to me (not the unfolded clothes part..that would be my own touch, I let the girls put away the once folded clothes from the laundry basket...not that you can tell that ANY of the clothes were ever folded from looking at this picture..but a genius system nonetheless)

2.  When I need something around my house Craig's List is my friend

3.  Being present in the moment is a gift and not always easy ...but well worth it

....there is so much I can say about this friend who now has moved on.  I have been blessed in my life to have great, long lasting friendships with people I only knew for a short time before one of us moved.  I have been forever inspired and transformed by some great women who I feel honored to call my friend.

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