Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Special Days

The day before the "Jack almost drowned but was never in the water" mess was Molly's birthday.  We had such a great day.  I enjoyed every minute with her and she was glowing all day.  This year , the year of no parties, I decided to make it a party with just US!! 
I get all the guests (my children) party favors.

I set the table all fancy and usually specific to the birthday person .  Another words, there was absolutlery NO pink for Jack (what other color is there??)

We have a fancy breakfast that includes brownies for all the guests (clothing is optional for some of the guests).

After we open presents, eat and talk more about the menu and plan for the day then we go and make a birthday craft.

I am a big crafty person.  I just have taken a break this last 2 years on attempting anything that requires an extra mess because I have been a little busy on 100 million other messes that I did not see the need to invite any more in!  But the kids love it and I love doing it for them.

And everything was going really well. 

I put some music on..because it's a party!!!

Jack was lovin' it!
And then I looked over at my little Priscilla Mae who was pretty quiet.... and then I just breathed it all in.

This is why I want to have a year of no parties.  I want us all to stop what we are doing and enjoy the party that is this family!

I want her to be part of Molly's day.  I want her to paint her belly and have us all there laughing together!

I don't want to miss these moments.  I admit ..I had to quickly put down the camera and save the moment from going south..but we all were happy to have watched this little baby enjoy the feeling of paint on her fingers and the brush on her belly!!
Each day is special!!
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  1. Hey, knowing I'm a type A, I want to wipe the computer screen off after seeing Priscilla's belly. Are you kidding me? My kids would go ape with you. Glad it was such a great day. I've been reading your posts, keep it up.
    Kathy Kennedy

  2. Yum yum! What flavor paint do you use? ;) I love your philosophy, Lisa, "We ARE the party!" You've definitely got enough kids to pull that off now.
    I remember when we first met Molly. I think she was about 18 months old and I was so impressed 1)by her speech development; and 2)by the way you gave her your FULL attention when she wanted to talk to you. I remember her standing on her tippy toes to talk to you and how sweet it was to see you two completely focused on each other.

    Kathy (in TN)