Thursday, July 22, 2010

So Good

I love being a mama.  I love that I made these people.  I actually physically made by one!!!!
I know God had a lot to do with it and so did Pete, but when I think back 7 years ago, to the day she was born ,it was her and I baby!!  We were the ones working together and I loved every minute of it...I still do.

Last year (when all the pictures were taken), I had just gotten my D-90 camera.  I decided on her birthday I wanted to take better pictures of them and I have been practicing ever since.  I have to thank Molly for all the posing she does for me...with never a fuss!!

Each tooth lost, each boo-boo, each word this child reads I have had something to do with.  I love it!! I love that she loves her brother and sisters.  I love that she is a GREAT reader and loves to do math.  I love her red hair and her sweet freckles.  I love her name. Pete wanted a Molly when we first got married.  When Emily came first she did not feel like a Molly.  We just knew the name belonged to this sweety!!

Being a mama is a lot of things.  Some times I get caught up in the details, like taking care of EVERYTHING for EVERYBODY...but the love that is always around me I am so grateful for.  They love me!!  I love them and I get to know this person her whole life...every minute of her life I get to be part of some how.  Life is good, birthday's are good ,and my GOOD!!!

p.s this picture was taken July 23 2009.  I am going to try this picture again with all 5 little people this year.  Priscilla was unable to sit by herself this time last how time flies! Come back and see if I did it.  Try to remind me if I forget!!


  1. Happy Birthday to Molly! What a beautiful little girl Lisa. It is such an understatement to say "time flies", it seems that all you do is blink an eye and they are so grown up already! I have told all three of mine that they are absolutely NOT allowed to get any bigger without my permission! This of course makes them crack up and also makes them think I am crazy which you know I am girl! You are one of the best moms I know it shows in all your pictures; how you photograph them and how happy they look in the photos. It is really special Lisa, keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks Danielle!! You are so sweet...thanks for saying those nice things. I have been inspired by so many moms I know and I hope to live up to the praise you offer. Thanks..