Friday, July 16, 2010

I Thought You Would Want To Know

One of the reasons I do this blog is because I like to read other people's blogs.  I am interested in people...what they do, what they think, how they live.  And since that is the way I think, I just assume everyone thinks like that.  I imagine you read this blog, and other peoples blogs, because you are the same way, you just like to hear what other people are doing.  Not that I am this AMAZINGLY interesting person who has a riveting life.  But, getting a glimpse into someone else's world is fun and it can lead to a new way of thinking, some needed inspiration or just some down time being entertained by other people's words.

I don't share EVERYTHING..nor would you want me to.  I just take slivers from this pie of mine and share what I would  if you were sitting with me at my house drinking coffee while the kids nap.  I just get to do that with a whole bunch of you at one time.  I do wish, however, I did have you over for coffee instead.  I am a people person.  A real life, face to face, people person. 

But, this will have to do for now.  You can stop by and read silly pieces of my thinking, look at some photos and drink your own coffee.  And you will leave these few moments knowing very useful information about my life.  Here are some bits of VERY USEFUL INFORMATION to let you  chew on until next visit.

1.  I am dying to wear a pair of jeans.  It is so UNTHINKABLE to wear a pair right now in Southern Alabama....but I really feel like it.

2.  I can not stop drinking Starbucks Via Iced Coffee...very yummy and it goes well with the whole Southern Alabama heat thing.

3.  I usually flat iron my hair everyday and this last week I have stopped doing that and I am really enjoying my new look...a little fuller hair.  Who would have thought???

4.  On Monday I decided to make a school room in this tiny little house.  I put all 3 little people together in one room and changed the front bedroom into a bright and cheery school room.  I will post pictures and details later.  I pick up the chairs for the table tomorrow. 

5.  I lost my baby backpack while shopping at Kohl's.  I left it in the cart.  I am so sad and lost without you. Backpack...please come back!

6.  I asked Pete to stop and buy me a new candle for the kitchen....I hope he remembers.
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  1. So many things:
    1. I can't find my glasses so expect typos.
    2. I love these pictures so just know that.
    3. Your kids are grown, like I just saw them two weeks ago but they are grown in these pics, especially Lucy.
    4. Call Kohls and get your stinkin backpack back, it's like in their lost and found girl.
    5. I'm high from lack of sleep and can't wait to chat you up. I miss you!
    6. This is Kathy K and I am too lazy to sign out and sign back in with my google account so this will come up as anonymous and I don't care.

  2. I called Kohls every day for 1 week and asked them if it was there...and I have been up there twice to search the store, carts and lost and found is gone for good..cry..cry..cry

  3. I got a great backpack on ebay for 9.99 plus shipping. It came from China, so I had to wait like ten days to get it, but it was well worth it. I have six, and homeschool, their ages are just turned eight to almost three weeks. Five girls and we just had a boy. You're blog is great and your children adorable. Here's the link for the backpack...