Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sweet Moments

Pete and I really started dating over the Thanksgiving holiday.  We were on and off again during the previous summer, but things got more "established" during a Thanksgiving break. During that weekend I met his family.  I was smitten from the start... and not just with Pete.

Pete's dad is 1 of 4, 3 brothers and 1 sister.  These are the people who first welcomed me into the family.  Their tradition was to meet every Thanksgiving at Pete's house for a weekend of fishing, drinking and shopping.  All the cousins, aunts and uncles found a small spot on the floor and camped out for 4 days.  I knew from that first Thanksgiving that I wanted to be part of this family.

The uncles and aunts were fun.  The cousins were young and plentiful and now we have all grown up a little and the fun has gotten bigger and better.

Some things have changed since that first Thanksgiving: some good things, some not so good.  But the best part is my kids are getting to benefit from this fun family.  They get loved on by sweet uncles who show them they are special by spending time in the pool with them.

Over the weekend we got to go Uncle Bruce's house.  Every moment could have been photographed.  There was so much celebration and love.  I had to decide if I wanted to photograph it or just enjoy it.  I got to do a little of both.
The greatest part of the weekend was the fact that we never left Uncle Bruce's house.  We swam (not all of us swam), we fished, we ate like you can not imagine.  It is so fun watching your kids have the time of their lives.

Memories were made each moment they were awake.

Each time we are all together I know we all look forward to the next time we get to do it all over again.

Each time the kids will get a little older...even more fun is each time we seem to be adding kids...sometimes 2 at a time.

And next time we see everyone at Uncle Bruce's house we will get to see the next new addition
....my new nephew Luke....coming soon!!
....not soon enough for some.
I remember special moments as a kid.  They are simple things like driving with my dad to the bagel shop early in the morning where he let me buy a bag of chips for breakfast.  I know I remember some big things too, like a family trip to Upstate New York.  But I remember those things in a "big picture" way.  I remember we went, I remember having fun and that's about it.  But the simple moments with certain people are the crystal clear memories for me.
Watching special moments happen all around me I wonder which ones will stick with these guys.  Is it P-Pops sitting out of fishing for what seemed like ever trying to get a knot from Lucy's fishing pole....

Fishing for the first time with his own pole....

Having your uncles help reel up your first catch....
Sweet moments all around us.  These are the memories that makes life sweet....and we just had a whole lot of sweet!!!

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  1. Great photos. We just spent a week at the lake and I didn't take a single one!

  2. It seems a bit inappropriate to have a picture of just your daughter's butt.