Saturday, July 17, 2010

Almost Her Birthday

I mentioned that we are getting ready to celebrate Molly's 7th Birthday next week.  Lately, I am a complete mush when it comes to celebrating these kids birthdays.  I just want to sit for hours pouring over old photos trying to remember what she sounded like, what it felt like to hold her.

I look at these photos, and 500 million more like it, and I just can't remember her like this.  Hasn't she always been the way she is today?

Molly, so unlike Emily, is pretty easy going.  She has a real strong sense on justice and that can get a little challenging sometimes.  But by far she is the easy one!

She is the one who will walk in the kitchen and say, "Is there anything I can do to help you mama?"
She is the one who will cuddle with you and linger a little longer during a hug.

She is the one who will smile and tilt her head any time she sees a camera.  She can be mid sentence telling me a riveting story, when she sees that lens focus, she stops, tilts and smiles.  That's my girl.

Looking at some of these pictures almost hurts.  It gives me an ache to know that each day she gets older and each day she grows more and more into her own person.  Less me...more her!!
More Molly to come this week...I am sure!

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