Sunday, June 6, 2010

Birthdays And More

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I know  have told the story of the day we found out we were having Lucy.  I know I talk about her a lot on this blog of mine and I appreciate you all listening.  I know that Lucy is my express ticket to heaven so I realize I should be grateful for every EXHAUSTING moment of her..and I am.

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She is turning 3 tomorrow.  I think back to when she was born, my 2nd C-section, with 4 weeks until we loaded the ferry to depart Sitka.  I remember being very ready to leave Sitka.  We had this great big house we were moving to, a state with more sun than rain..or so we thought.  Jack had just turned 1 and we were preparing for Molly to turn 4.  They all were so young and they still are.

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Just yesterday I confessed to Pete, "I don't know how to be a mama to older kids." I have had young kids for awhile now and I regret to say I am nervous about the mom I need to become for my growing girls.   I have suddenly realized that they will not all be little forever.  I have to start being a parent to 2 different age groups..the younger 3 and the getting older 2.  Am I going to be a good mom to older kids?  What do I do when they want freedom that is due to them..but I am unsure?  Why can't we all just move up the line together??

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As I was stewing in my thoughts and fear Emily sat down beside me and just wanted to chat.  She is so aware of my emotions and I think she was curious what I was thinking and talking to Pete about.  So I told her... 

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I said , "Em I just was thinking how I have never done this before.  I have never been a mom to older kids.  I am just praying for the grace to do a good job.  I just want to be the right  mom to each of you.  So accept my apology for all the mistakes I know I will make."  She just laughed and wanted to start discussing any advanced privileges she might receive upon her 9th birthday (which is in October...but that's my girl...always thinking ahead).

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Birthdays always make me reminiscent of the old days.  The days when reading books and napping were as exciting as it got.  Days when going to McDonald's didn't cost $30.  Days when there was only 1,2,3,4 then 5 of them.

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Each time period is special and each birth and birthday begins something special.  I just hope I can keep up with all that is required of me and do it lovingly and with God's grace!


  1. Lisa,
    The fact that you are thinking aobut this just shows what a great mom you are and what a great mom you'll continue to be. This is why God gives them to us as babies, so we'll grow and learn together.
    PS: I have to apologize to my kids all the time!

  2. Lisa, I posted a comment yesterday but it didn't show up for some reason... so I'll try again. Your family is gorgeous and your pictures remind me of something you'd see in a magazine! Wish Lucy a Happy Birthday from all of us! I sent an ecard to her at your gmail...but I scheduled it when I was pregnant and addressed it to "June" (pregnancy brain!) Have a great day! xoxo, Adri