Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Night

Sunday night and all is well.  Kitchen floor is clean, babies are washed and almost put up for the night, teeth are brushed, toys tucked away and sun burned cheeks glad to be out of the sun.

We had a wonderfully ordinary weekend.  Pete was with us the whole 2 days and I got to run out Saturday morning while he took the kids to the pool.  I was glad to have a few hours alone but I was even more glad to get a day off from the pool.  The pool and I have a love- hate relationship...

I love that my kids like to be there...I hate having to be there with them.  Not because I don't want to be at the pool...but I may have mentioned before...I am not a huge fan of being wet....yet another things I got from my mom.

So what did I do while out on my own???  I tried on 500 million tank tops.  Last summer I had just had Priscilla and I was still nursing FULL TIME!!  I bought  a lot of flowy, roomy things.  I seemed to have been in a very severe mood last summer because EVERYTHING I bought was black.  This  summer I am hot and looking for a more stream-lined look...Simple is the name of the style I am in search of.

And since I am on a pretty tight clothing budget right now (the rumor is true...buying things for 7 people can get a bit pricey, especially when they want to eat 3 times a day on top of it...go figure), I was looking for just the right tank top for under $10 to go with a new white skirt I found for $8. 

my new white skirt

It was fun trying to hunt around for a feel good outfit for $20 bucks. It took me a long time...but I did it !!!....and I had a great time loosing myself in the challenge for a few hours.

This is the new tank top that I finally found to go with my white skirt..please ignore the fact that it is black..some habits are hard to break!!
After I completed my challenge I headed home so we all could go to a friends house for a BBQ.  I was feeling pretty good about myself until I realized I was sitting in her kitchen having dish washer envy.  I watched as she eased dishes in and out of the dishwasher...I needed to collect myself.  I didn't realize I missed a dishwasher so much..but I think I do!!

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