Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Poor Pete

It happened the other night. One of those nights that all was right with the were fed and happily playing, Pete and I were finishing the dishes (yes that's right I realize the beauty in Pete helping me with dishes..thanks Pete), and we started chit chatting as we worked side by side. And then it happened....

Pete asked me a question that sent me into a tail spin. And before the question was out of his mouth I think he saw where this might go.

He innocently asked me, "Hey Hun, when the kids are all done with school what type of job do you think you might want to get?" I just heard some of you flinch as you read that question. Maybe not..maybe I am the only wife who reads way to much into EVERYTHING he says to me.

My first few thought were, "Does he not think what I do is work?" "Does he want me to start earning my keep?" "Does he think I should really get some work done after bummin' around for 28 years raising kids?"

I immediately began to break down just how many years it would take for me to finish this job we started and by then where would my life be?? I am hoping to be a mom for the rest of my life. I am looking forward to the grand promotion of becoming the Grammy...but I am in no rush there either.

All I could say was, "Why Pete what job DO YOU THINK I should DO??"

And this poor sweet guy who was just about to put away the last dish looked helplessly at me and tried to step carefully over the next verbal exchange, "No, I was just wondering if you ever thought about what you were going to do after the kids were out of the house and if those thoughts ever included starting a new job or something. That's all!"
Oh, why didn't you just say so...there are 4 million things I want to do and I think about them A LOT and sometimes I can't stop thinking about what else I would like to do in my life...but for now I am here and trying to do a good job because I know that once this job is over nobody will ever need me this much again.

p.s. I am sure we must be the only ones who have conversations that go like this...yes??

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  1. This morning, Joe said, "These pancakes are really good. Is this a new recipe?" which sent me looking for the iron skillet . . . grrr.