Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Late One Summer Evening

After dinner time when we have done all we possibly can do for the day like, go to the movies, have lunch, play with friends, color, read, ride bikes, play with the hose, cry, fight and play more I am sometimes desperate for one last thing for my little shadows to do before they are ready to pass out in bed.

And getting outside after an evening of raining is not always my first thought.  First of all I hate getting my hair matter what time of day it is.

However,  we have not seen Pete very much around here.  He has been working a lot which keeps him out of the pre-bed activities.  So I have been left to fight through these last few hours of the day on my own.

And when I say fight through I mean that in the most positive manner...some times going outside is a fight...

I am usually having to fight all the elements against Priscilla...

Yes...that is her DRINKING a puddle and I am behind the camera deciding if I should stop her or let her continue because she is having so much fun sticking her little tongue in the disgusting water.

After she feels refreshed by her drink she decides to PLOP down in the puddle...dress and all!

Meanwhile Jack and Lucy are over on the grass moving lumber...dragging our neighbors tree debris into our yard...

Something goes terribly wrong.  I missed it because I was attempting to stop Priscilla from slopping up the rest of the puddle.

Back in the lumber yard the foreman is trying to make amends with the staff...the staff is not impressed with his attempts...

He takes it up a notch and then all ends well
for the moment....


  1. Jack is a keeper! Love the dresses!

  2. That is the sweetest sequence I've ever seen IN MY LIFE! The Priscilla pictures are darling on their own (and I totally would have been clicking the shutter instead of stopping the puddle slurping) but the side story is fantastic!

  3. It's almost like being there....I love the pictures!

  4. You have super cute kids! Where did you get the green dress on your smaller girl? I will try to answer your emailed questions by tomorrow b/c Monday nights I am out.