Sunday, June 20, 2010

What I Love

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The first night when Pete picked me up in his Dad's Jeep Wrangler and we drank Coors Lite while parked in the back of a closed down bank I knew he was a keeper. As I have written before, I knew that night that I wanted to marry him.  It took me a little longer to convince him...but I am glad I did.  I really scored...little did I know how well..
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Before being a daddy Pete was the guy all kids wanted to be around.  When we were dating I saw how sweet he was to his little cousins and my little cousins.  He would play with all the kids in such a sweet way ..always doing something special and never making them feel like they were bothering him.

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He was the perfect package and I am so grateful for him and the amazing daddy that he is.  I love the way he remembers all the books he has read since he was a little boy and he talks to Emily and Molly about them like it was yesterday...I love the way he throws them in the pool like they are tissue paper...

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I love the way he pets them and tickles them.  I  love how hard he works to give them a secure life filled with nothing but love and joy.  I love the way he holds them in church.  I love the way he reaches behind his seat while he drives so he can stroke Molly's toes.

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I love the way he encourages me and helps me be a good mom.  I love that he listens to me when I cry and just loves me.  I love that he has waited for me to become the woman I am today.  I love that he was the one that wanted me to homeschool because he thought the kids could have no better teacher.  I love that he has been there each time our babies breathed their first breath.  I love that he gives me "hot back" when my tummy hurts.

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I love that the best present I can give him is money left in the bank.  I love that he is not a picky eater.  I love that he vacuums after dinner.  I love that he washes the sheets every Saturday.  I love the way he loves my parents.

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I love that he makes breakfast for all of us any morning that he can.  I love that he wants me to wait to go to the grocery store each week  so he can help me and not miss a minute of the fun we have shopping with 5 people 8 and under...

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I love that he says things very simply to the kids while I want to go into a long drawn out explanation.  I love that he wears that sexy  flight suit to work everyday...and he is all mine!!!!

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I love that he waits in 100 degree heat so I can practice taking 500 pictures of nothing significant. 

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I love that he loves me.  I love that he is an amazing daddy.  I love that he plays with them, reads to them, laughs with them and gives 100% of himself to them.  These kids are so lucky to have him and each time he plays with all the neighborhood kids outside I think they know it.

Happy Father's Day!!!

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  1. I've always noticed how good he is with kids. Even during a three ring circus of kids like our last family reunion!

    James is the same way about getting his picture taken. (I keep telling him he's in the wrong business)