Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What Every Mom Needs!

Every new mom should be issued a 12 year old girl at the hospital.
Instead of car seat checks the nurses should do a "How to train your 12 year old check."  I would first recommend the 12 year old comes from a good family...that helps!

And maybe that 12 year old can have specific training geared towards the moms needs,  and more importantly...her wants!  One of my "needs" would be..."Be a shadow to my Lucy...just because she needs one".

I am getting the distinct pleasure of spending 2 days with 2, count them, 2- 12 year old girls.

Right before I got my turn with them they were CLEARLY watching the Twilight movie and they CLEARLY prefer Jacob!!
These girls jumped right in this mix like they were made for family!!
I love spending time with other peoples kids.  I love to hear the sweet things they say about their moms...the things that matters to them.  I love to hear them interact with each other and watch them interact with my kids.

I love getting a sneak peek into the future. I was 12 a long time ago and I forget the things that matter to a 12 year old. 
It is always fun having company because I get to do things with my kids that we don't normally we had Sprite for dinner.  I don't think my children have ever been served Sprite on a Wed.  night for no reason other than we had special guests.

These are the moments life is made of.  Spending special time with special people and absorbing all the good those moments offer us. 

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