Thursday, June 24, 2010

Homeschooling Part 3

Thanks for the comments on my last post.  I too LOVE hearing peoples stories on what made them choose homeschooling.  Long before I got that piece of mail from the homeschool group my heart was called to homeschooling.  God put people in my life that were already homeschooling and He showed me where He wanted me to go.  I don't think I would have gotten there (here) on my own. 

When I moved to Alaska I met 2 women that I immediately felt drawn to.  They were raising good Catholic kids who were heavily embracing their faith and I was inspired by what I saw.  They were the first women I knew that homeschooled.  I was intrigued!!

Still, after a way to early attempt at teaching Emily to read I decided I could not handle homeschooling.  After sitting down with my newly turned 5 year old daughter and having her not instantly learn to read when the book says "100 EASY Lessons"  I gave up.  I was convinced this was not for me.  But God would not let me off that easy.  Over the next year I relaxed and tried again with Emily, things got much better.  I did teach her to read in 100 EASY LESSONS and it was magical.  Everyday I would sit next to her at the kitchen table, stroke her hair, tickle her back and go through the lesson.  We loved the time together.  Not just because she was "doing school" but it was a set time everyday that I would sit just with her and focus on her.  She ate it up...and so did I.  Emily is not the most affectionate person.  She has a tender heart and loves very deeply, but she is not our cuddlier.  So having that time gave us some physical connection that really strengthened our relationship.  Having that secondary outcome from a reading lesson was very encouraging.  Maybe I could do this!!!

Mind you , that was 3 children ago.  But I saw the impact just that short time had on both of us.  Unfortunately, it is not always that magical.  Often times it is a real struggle.  I find the actual schooling part to be the LEAST of my worries.  The hard part is keeping 5 people going all day in the right direction. 
I have done this for 4 years now and each year has it's challenges.  Each new season I question myself..."Why are we homeschooling again?"  And each time I am at that place God gently brings me back to why we do this.  The Lord encourages me in many ways.  Sometimes it is by another Mom remarking how well mannered my kids are.  Sometimes it is by watching my girls read ALL day.  Sometimes it is hearing my 3 and 4 year old recite poems they have memorized because we do this school thing as a family and they are along for the ride.

I walk each homeschool day in His Grace and I rely on Him to help me through.  Things are NOT perfect.  I do lots of things wrong.  I loose my temper when I shouldn't.  I shout when I know it is wrong.  I forget to say nice things when I know they deserve it.  I do too much and I CERTAINLY do too little.  But selfishly I am learning right along side them and that keeps us all going!!
More on homeschooling with little people tomorrow...
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  1. Thanks for this post! We are in the discernment process of whether to homeschool or not and I love hearing other moms' stories - especially the part where we need not be perfect in order to homeschool. With 2 children now (and hopefully more on the way later!) my biggest fear is having the patience, however if God is calling us to it, He will certainly give us the grace! Thanks again :)