Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Homeschooling Part 1

When we moved to Mobile 3 years ago I was on the fence about homeschooling.  I actually had Emily enrolled in the local Catholic School.  I had just had Lucy, we had just bought that monster house and as much as I felt called to homeschool I did not think I could handle it.

Pete's opinion was, "Yes, you can totally do this but if you want to send the kids to school you can do that too."  I was not sure what I wanted to do.  Feeling overwhelmed I decided to be on the safe side and get a spot in the Catholic school 2 blocks away.  Before ever leaving Alaska I just knew it would be a hard move.  When we arrived in Alaska I only had 2 children.  When we left I had 4 !!  I was feeling a little tired and TOTALLY unsure of everything.  Even after registering Emily for Kindergarten I was not 100% convinced this was the road for us. 

After a 7 day drive from Sitka to Mobile, giving me plenty of time to think, I had finally decided I was DEFINITELY going to send Emily to school.  At this point I thought Pete was going to drop me off at the next rest area because he was my captive audience for 3000 miles.   We pull into our new home collect some mail and I find 2 large envelopes waiting for me.  One envelope is from St. Mary's Catholic School, the other is from Our Lady of Guadalupe Homeschool group.  I immediately tear into the OLG homeschool package and I suddenly realize how excited I am to read the welcome letter and invitation to the day of registration.  I had contacted the homeschool group while still in Alaska.  I forgot all about the registration and information day.  But I was instantly announcing to Pete, "We have to go to this homeschool thing this Saturday."  He was like..."You have got to be kidding me...I thought we decided in Idaho that we were sticking with St. Mary's."

I was just as surprised as he was.  I did not expect a piece of mail to have that much affect on me.  I then opened the package from St. Mary's and I had the opposite reaction...I was like, "You are joking me!!!  This is a list of the 950 things I have to buy before the first day of school.  I have to buy a "nap" mat??  I have to be away from Emily all day and then she has to take a 2 hour nap...she can't just come home??  What am I doing?"

Later that week we went to the homeschool meeting.  I have to be honest,  that meeting was a little overwhelming also.  Every family there had a minimum of 7 kids.  They looked at my starter family and remarked, "What a cute family"...Catholic code for "starter family"

I left there thinking...what am I going to do? Do I fit in with these super star Catholics?  Can I be a homeschooler?  I did not own a jean skirt jumper and I did not have any polo shirts for myself.  That's what homeschooling moms had to wear right??   School starts on Wednesday and I had not bought 1 single thing on the school supply list which included everything from toilet paper to their uniform items. 

Here's the funny thing..after all that stressing out and debating I can't clearly remember how I made the final decision.  All I know is I woke up the Monday before school started and had Pete call St. Mary's and tell them that we would not be coming to their school and yes we know we just gave them A LOT of money for no reason

And then the part I don't think I even told him about ...I called St. Mary's back that Friday and asked if there was space left in the Kindergarten class.  I just wanted to know I could still change my mind.
They said , "No, all spots are taken in each grade."
That was it...there was NO TURNING BACK!!

What had I done...
.....to be continued
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  1. When Mike and I moved to CT, Emi was going into Kindergarten.....he was really wanted the kids to be homeschooled. I really wanted the kids to go to school. In the end, they went to school. I never really liked Emi's kindergarten teacher....she always just said, "FIne", I had a hard time with that, she was with my baby for 4 hours and all she could say was fine, when asked about her day! We go along....Nolan has a terrible first grade teacher and Gannon is in preschool and he is really smart....and ALL BOY and his teacher said that she was not sure if he could handle kindergarten, sitting down for 45 minutes at a time to learn to read, in her opinion was going to be TOUGH....So one day, I was deep cleaning the stove, and I realized that I had been irritated with the school for about 2 days a week for the last 3 years and that I could teach the kids....Mike came home and I told him and he was thrilled!! The kids were thrilled! Sorry for such a long post....


  2. FYI- I'm looking forward to the continuation of this post and I really enjoy your blog.