Monday, June 14, 2010

Not A Fan Of Clutter

I am the throw away queen.  I can't stand to have clutter around me.  I like having my house homey and cozy, but I do not like having TOO much stuff around me. In some ways my anti clutter attitude is helpful, but I am finding the down side to my need to CONSTANTLY purge everything around me if I do not find it useful right at that moment.

When ever my kids see me enter a room with a trash bag they all groan and begin grabbing treasured items pleading with me to not throw away priceless items.  After the begging begins we follow it up with the "when was the last time you played with this" dance.  I usually leave with a full trash bag and minor broken hearts.  My heart, however,  is beaming with utter joy knowing we are no longer in danger of being taken over by bears, little people and Polly pocket pieces.  I really can sleep better at night knowing my closets have space and not every drawer is packed with STUFF!!!

And then the down side...I never have anything I need.  The other day I wanted to re-read a book I know I used to own.  After thinking I knew where it was I could not find it for the life of me.  I did not give up looking for about 2 days even tough there are only 3 places anything can be in this tiny matchbox house.  I finally gave up realizing this book was yet another victim of my compulsion to get rid of anything I am not using at the moment.

I have gotten rid of more rulers, pencils, markers, Lego pieces, barbie accessories, toys. books, sweaters,  blankets, buckets, trucks than you can imagine....just to have to replace these items when we NEED  them.  Not a good plan.  Sometimes if I keep seeing the same item over and over and I can't find a home for it....I just chuck it...please don't tell.  But I get so sick of seeing whatever it is....  so ....I just throw it away.

I am amazed at my friends who keep stuff from their 18yr old kids getting ready to graduate .  People are able to do that...they have this ability to say to themselves..."I may need this again one day...let's just keep it."  I can't even imagine thinking that....I need to start!!
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  1. I'm a little like you in that I like simplicity and do throw out things, but I still have way too much because my issue is that I'm cheap and I have re-purchased things before so I want to make sure I do not need this again. So it lives in my house to see another day. I'm working on some sort of place to keep things today as a matter of fact. Send me some good vibes!

  2. So what book was it?? B/c you did loan me a book - awhile ago and I never returned it :(

  3. Lately I've been thinking a lot more about contributing to this trash-filled earth and I always think hard about getting rid of something just because it may not be EXACTLY what I want right now. I try to think- will I need this in a few years? Next season (pool stuff)? If there is a chance I might need this in the next few years, I keep it. It also goes the other way with buying stuff; will I want to keep this for years or is it a short-term piece of junk? In the end, we want to set a good example of not being wasteful for our kids and being concious of the environment at the same time. But yeah, I do hate clutter too. Hello Goodwill!

  4. I am the EXACT same way. My DH gets so frustrated with me for 'getting rid of things' that he knows I'll replace later. What a waste of $! I feel like it's a terrible thing...I'm trying to do less of it and I'm also trying to make sure I only throw away what's truly trash (and the legos that I kill my foot on, ha!)