Friday, June 11, 2010

What A Week

We have had a pretty exceptional week.  Lots went on this week.  Some big things...some small things.  And since it is Friday night and I feel like blogging I may share every detail..I may forget some too!!

Pete took leave this week which would make you think that we spent lots of time doing fun stuff as a family...that would be NO!!!  He had some school stuff to take care of, none of it included 5 kids and a wife...bummer!  But we did get to have lunch with him several days which was fun.

I got to go to my friend Kathy's and take 5 million of Priscilla (and some of her corn and her laundry line...which I love taking pictures of).  I used her daughters boots and tried to get some fun shots.  The only thing I can say for sure is Priscilla is NOT going to have a future in boot modeling.  Let's just say the boots were not that flattering to her figure!!!

Then by about Wednesday we decided to get a new van.  I have been searching, begging and pleading to get a 12 passenger van.  Not because I wanted to be "cool" like that...but I just wanted to get into a car without someone back flipping over the seat loosing a shoe and kicking a sibling..simple pleasures.  And let me tell you....

This Mama is LOVING her Government Vehicle.  It has 12 beautiful seat belts.  It has room to sit and move.  It is a drivable rectangle with endless driving whistles...just SPACE!!  We are all in love with our new van.

You may be wondering why I did not include a picture of my new van..I did not think it necessary since every plumber, church group and AC worker is driving know what they look like.  Instead I thought the pictures of  Priscilla's boots would be more interesting...that is something I know nobody has seen!
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  1. Can't wait to take a ride in it!