Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me!!

Sunday night (I can't believe I am about to tell you all this) I sat down with Pete at about 9:00 at night (his favorite time for these sort of talks) and cried and cried.  I was crying because school was over and now how would I keep all these hungry, ACTIVE, people at bay all day.  I cried because the local pool does not open until the last week of May.  I cried because I missed my mom.  I must also admit I cried because I felt like I had no friends.  I was boo-hoo ING like a 9 yr. old, "Nobody Likes Me!!!"

And in steps the Lord.  I am not kidding.  I am not looking into this more than I should.  Believe me, I like taking time out of my peppy spirit to feel sorry for myself every now and again.  But God was not having it this week.  So let me go over with you how God rushed to my sorry little rescue after a good crying "jag" Sunday night.

#1 Amazing Thing:  First thing Monday morning, well 2nd thing...Lucy threw up 1st thing, my friend Kathy calls me and invites me to her sweet Mobile prairie home to pick berries.  I almost cried after hanging up.  No really, my first thought was, "That's right God, Kathy likes me.  Thanks for the reminder."

#2 Amazing Thing:  Later that same day I was hanging with my little shadows and all of a sudden a phone number pops into my brain that I had been trying to remember for weeks.  It was the phone number of my dear friend and neighbor from Alaska who I have wanted to call for months but I could not remember her the number. And since I never wrote the number down any where because I was sure I would never forget it I was stuck not being able to talk to her for way to long.  After the number literally popped into my brain I grabbed the phone and called her.  Pretty cool huh??  Well I really felt like it was the Holy Spirit because get this,  Lucy was laying on her blanket the whole time we talked basically not making a sound and that NEVER happens to me!!! Now I am beaming because I feel like, "Naomi likes me and so does Lucy!!  SCORE!"

#3 Amazing Thing: While I am on the phone with Naomi the other line beeps. I was not able to get the call and promptly forgot all about it.  Later that night my phone beeped to tell me there was a message.  Not remembering the missed phone call, I checked the message without seeing who called and it was my friend Jane calling to say Happy Mother's Day.  How fun God, "That' right God, Jane likes me too!!"

Just to recap, it's now late Monday afternoon and I am starting to feel less sorry for myself and more grateful for the wonderful people God has put in my life.

#4 Amazing Thing:  And this is the topping on the Cake...Are you ready for this???  The mail man comes and hands Jack our mail.  In the mail is a Mother's Day card from my sister-in-law and she wrote the sweetest things about me.  It was such a touching card and her words were treasured and I immediately thought..."Wow God Lauren likes me!!"  I am always afraid I am the crazy sister-in-law with 5 kids that she has to know because our husbands happen to share parents.  But after reading her card I don't think that is the case...I think she likes me!!  No really...I think she does!!!

All of this before dinner.  God had a productive day with me and I am still humbled by the fact that God wants me to know that people do care about me.  And He has made it clear to me that I have lots of people for whom I am extremely grateful for!!

I think I can hear Christa laughing because as she well knows SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE!!!


  1. So sorry to hear Lucy threw up - somethings going around :( Abby threw up Saturday and then laid around all day, I got sick and my entire body hurt all day Sunday, and now Emma has it.... since Abby was the first, I am terribly sorry!! Glad to see she is better! :)

  2. I like you! And you were right.....I was laughing! You know me well!

  3. I tried to come over today and give you props, but you guys were out. I think you rock! :)


  4. I checked your blog on Monday to see what was new!

  5. You kook! You're so nuttily normal. You know that right? You're also extraordinary in so many ways! Did I tell you we are considering homeschooling this fall? What do you think about Five in a Row? Let me know:

  6. Lockwood~ We have 5 in a Row and it is a great tool! I used it with my 5 year old, but my 7 and 9 year old would come around to see what little projects we were incorporating into the lesson! Enjoy!

  7. Ok, so I DID like you but seeing as you are done with school and WE are in perpetual school, you completely stink, lol! I totally enjoyed the berry picking and let me tell you, I love it when y'all come out because, kinda like you said, NOBODY wants to drive out here except some of my homeschool peeps-as if I live in Egypt, so you guys completely rock. I love company! I look forward to dining here with y'all tonight to celebrate Jack.

  8. Hey Lisa I really like you and i think that you are a terrific mom! That being said it's totally ok to let it all out now and then. Parenting is a tough job and you are also their teacher!! I don't think you are getting paid enough girl!! Ha! Ha! Miss you