Sunday, May 30, 2010

School Is Not Out For Us!!

I was tricked into thinking summer had begun for our family.  As May was flying by I joyfully checked off my daily lesson plans knowing the end was near.  Towards the end of May I had the girls finish up some end of the year testing.  Finally  we went to our final piano recital and the Spring dance showcase.  I must admit to spending some time clicking around I-Tunes searching for the appropriate "Summer Is Finally Here" music.

And then Pete returned from his extended trip and my summer quickly ENDED!! You see,  he is in his last summer of Grad school!  Yes, Pete is the student, he is the guy writing the papers, sitting in class, reading endlessly.  But when Pete goes to school WE ALL ARE PART OF IT!! 

He has 2 classes left, one more this summer and his capstone project in the fall.  He usually only has class once a week, but during the summer classes meet 2 times a week.  Pete, being the daddy that he is, still wants to see the kids (and me too...I hope) after work.  So, we usually meet him somewhere after he gets off work, bring him dinner, play and kiss him goodbye.  He always has a hard time waving good bye to us and heading to class to sit for 4 hours after a full day of flying!!

I am so proud of him.  It has taken a lot of his time and energy and I know it will pay off some day.  Meanwhile he will keep plugging away until he graduates this winter when we will have a huge party to celebrate his commitment and accomplishment.

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