Monday, May 24, 2010

Me, Kids, And The Beach

I am still recovering from my 3 days at Pensacola Beach with my 5 little shadows.  I am still finding sand in and around Priscilla.  All in all, I had a very fun time.  Being in public with any more than 2 children in considered a spectacle...add Lucy in and you have exactly that...A SPECTACLE!!

What was really fun was it was just me and the kids.  Even though we all missed was kinda fun having the kids all to myself.  I got to be silly with them and I got to do whatever I wanted to do with them.  I did not have to consider any other person...just US!!  On the first night after we left Flounders, just outside there was a little spot playing some fun we just stood there and danced.  Silly and fun!!  I think I need to be silly with them more often.  I think they really remember moments like this.  I know I will.

I then took them to do what any self respecting mother who bails out of town because she is afraid of being hot would do...we got ice cream!!  And this very brave lady asked if she could take our picture.

I think she wanted to get the camera out of my hand so I would clean this babies face.
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