Monday, May 3, 2010

My Babysitters...A Love Story

I have a lot of special people in my life that make things just a little easier for me.  Two people who I just adore are my babysitters.  These girls are  an inspiration to me and, more importantly, to my girls.
These 2 special girls have a true heart for Christ.  They are loving, virtuous girls who are great role models to all the young girls they interact with.  Both of these girls come from strong families and they happen to know a little bit about taking care of little one's (one girl is the oldest of 8, the other is 3rd of 6...pretty good credentials).

But all that aside...they are FUN!!! They have fun together and they have fun when they babysit.  My kids LOVE when they come over.  We have cut back on babysitters lately and I know my kids MISS the girls.  Jack thinks they come over just to hang out with him.  He never seems to notice that I am not here.  They not only are great teens but guess what....

they clean up, they play, they love and enjoy  my kids.  Sometimes I think they do a better job then me!!

I want my girls to be just like them.  I want them to have a heart for Christ and a love for our Church.  I want them to have friends just like these girls.  And one day I want my girls to pass on the love they received from these 2 precious girls!!

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