Monday, May 31, 2010

Why Do Girls Do This??

We have this neighbor girl down the street.  She is a sweet girl when she is over here, playful, respectful.  Any time this little girl sees our car she is over here within moments.  She stays ALL day, sometimes eating 2 out of 3 meals with us.  Every night I am saying NO to sleepovers.  This little girl is NOT homeschooled.  She goes to the local Catholic School right in our neighborhood.  We are surrounded by little catholic school kids.  My kids have met them all through the last 3 years.

But this is what I DO NOT UNDERSTAND!!!!!.....Whenever we go somewhere and our little neighbor friend is there...she COMPLETELY IGNORES the girls!!!  Why??  I realize her other friends are there, but why not include Emily and Molly.  Why not just recognize that a kid is a kid is a kid?

This may sound of the things I LOVE about homeschooling and would not trade for the world is kids don't see kids as anything but playmates.  They will make friends with all kids in all situations!  They don't care if they are 8,4, 10, 15....a kid is someone to have fun with PERIOD!!!!

This is not to say that the girls in the homeschool groups don't try to play at the whole "click" thing, some do.
But usually the mothers are aware of such NONSENSE and help the girls see how MEAN such behavior is!!

Are school moms just mean too???  NO, absolutely not.  They are just usually unaware because they are not there when there kids are getting the all important school "SOCIALIZATION" know the kind of socialization that has kids leaving kids out because they are in a different grade, or they don't have the same clothes as someone else, or they are not as popular as they would like them to be.

I know we are different.  We were not born and raised here.  Our neighbor friend will be a distant memory in 11 short months when we leave Mobile.  I know she has to spend 8 hours a day with these other girls so she has to work at staying essential to the group or she will be the one on the outs.  I just wish my girls, and other girls, were not hurt by such silly nonsense!  I wish I were not hurt by it myself. 

And I make it a point to ALWAYS remind the girls that they are each others best friend.  No friend is more important than your sisters and brother.  It is a great hope of mine that they grow up with that gift...the gift of true friendship within this family!
Happy Memorial Day!!
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Sunday, May 30, 2010

School Is Not Out For Us!!

I was tricked into thinking summer had begun for our family.  As May was flying by I joyfully checked off my daily lesson plans knowing the end was near.  Towards the end of May I had the girls finish up some end of the year testing.  Finally  we went to our final piano recital and the Spring dance showcase.  I must admit to spending some time clicking around I-Tunes searching for the appropriate "Summer Is Finally Here" music.

And then Pete returned from his extended trip and my summer quickly ENDED!! You see,  he is in his last summer of Grad school!  Yes, Pete is the student, he is the guy writing the papers, sitting in class, reading endlessly.  But when Pete goes to school WE ALL ARE PART OF IT!! 

He has 2 classes left, one more this summer and his capstone project in the fall.  He usually only has class once a week, but during the summer classes meet 2 times a week.  Pete, being the daddy that he is, still wants to see the kids (and me too...I hope) after work.  So, we usually meet him somewhere after he gets off work, bring him dinner, play and kiss him goodbye.  He always has a hard time waving good bye to us and heading to class to sit for 4 hours after a full day of flying!!

I am so proud of him.  It has taken a lot of his time and energy and I know it will pay off some day.  Meanwhile he will keep plugging away until he graduates this winter when we will have a huge party to celebrate his commitment and accomplishment.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Her Face..An Open Book

Emily is so much like me...she notices EVERYTHING!! I am a little less observant while I have my camera in my hand. But later when I am looking through the pictures I can see things that I missed the first time around.
This particular picture was taken Saturday night after the girls finished their dance recital. All the girls were gathering with their families, smelling their flowers and hugging fellow dancers.  But Emily was far off in her own world.  This was not the reaction of a girl who was walking on clouds all day in expectant rapture, awaiting her special recital night to begin.

I did notice her looking off and I asked her, "Emily...what's up?"  She looks at me and says..."Mama, Morgans family is not here...she is all alone."  She was so devastated for her.  My heart was broken too.  It was hard to rejoice when you know someone else is hurting.  Nonetheless, I was so proud of my girl for her compassion. 

In this picture her face is screaming..."Please stop taking my picture mama!!"  Sorry sweety!!

I usually can't take my eyes off of them.  Each of them are so expressive in their own way.  Emily just happens to be a bit more of an open book. She has a hard time keeping things in...her feelings are usually written all over her face.
Being the oldest is a hard job.  I am usually looking to her as a guide to how I am doing so far.  Is she happy?  Is she kind?  Does she pray, eat, play, read (insert whatever else us moms stress about) enough?  What more can I do??

Recently my friend and I were talking about dating...not us dating....our daughters.  And I already want to issue an apology to this sweet daughter of mine because I know things will be , let's just say...haphazard for awhile.  The first born is more of an experimental child. I'm glad I have 3 more daughters after her so I can try an improve. you see I am counting on the fact that she is an open book ...I just have to be observant enough to read her!!
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Mom

My Mom came to visit us while Pete was away.  I love when my mom and I get to hang out by ourselves  (well, besides the 5 little ones with us).  It is different when my dad and Pete are not here.  We miss them...but we love the time together.  It does not happen often so this week I am especially grateful for these special moments.
I could list the million ways I adore her.  I could go on about what a great mom she is, an incredible grandmother, fun friend, pure sweet soul.  The list would be endless.

I could also talk about the great hope I have for my future by having the slim possibility of looking as great as she does.

But today,  I have to say the best thing about my mom is the way she loves my kids.  It is pure, intense and simple.  And  another thing...I think she was the ONLY person in the state of Alabama wearing a sweater today.  That makes me love her too!!
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She Smiles

If I...

Take Out....

My Camera....

She Smiles!!!
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Me, Kids, And The Beach

I am still recovering from my 3 days at Pensacola Beach with my 5 little shadows.  I am still finding sand in and around Priscilla.  All in all, I had a very fun time.  Being in public with any more than 2 children in considered a spectacle...add Lucy in and you have exactly that...A SPECTACLE!!

What was really fun was it was just me and the kids.  Even though we all missed was kinda fun having the kids all to myself.  I got to be silly with them and I got to do whatever I wanted to do with them.  I did not have to consider any other person...just US!!  On the first night after we left Flounders, just outside there was a little spot playing some fun we just stood there and danced.  Silly and fun!!  I think I need to be silly with them more often.  I think they really remember moments like this.  I know I will.

I then took them to do what any self respecting mother who bails out of town because she is afraid of being hot would do...we got ice cream!!  And this very brave lady asked if she could take our picture.

I think she wanted to get the camera out of my hand so I would clean this babies face.
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Friday, May 21, 2010

There Are No Favorites

...It's just that watching Lucy is really funny. She is constantly moving...never predictable and usually 1 step away from a disaster.

I don't mean to take more pictures of's just that I am usually having to keep her from doing something completely crazy and I can usually catch it early if I am aiming my lens at her.

She does NOTHING normal...or peacefully!!!

Even when I look at these several days later..I laugh because this captures her 100%!!!
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Miss You!!

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I Love You Kimberly Powers

I love getting comments on my blog. I look forward to checking comments every morning. A few short mornings ago I got the BEST comment EVER from Kimberly....a long time Coastie Friend from San Diego and Alaska. She asked me a photography question. I was so excited that I beamed for several hours (maybe days??). I wanted to answer some of her questions....just in case any of you get as excited when reading my comments.

#1 The back of all my kids heads is what I am usually able to capture.

#2 Priscilla is THE BEST at not letting me get a picture of her.

#3 I take 1 million shots that you will NEVER see because LOVE the delete feature.
#4 Molly is the most agreeable when it comes to letting me practice. But even she gets bored with it.

#5 So...what you mostly DON'T see on my blog is the 500,000 pictures I take of silly things, like my flip flops on the sand. I practice fooling with my settings on objects that:
#1 Don't get hungry
#2 Won't move or hit the person next to them
#3 Does not need to see every picture the SECOND I am done shooting it.

I have to admit that I am having a lot of fun watching my kids grow up in the pictures that I take. I want to get better and in a few years I hope to achieve that. Until then I will chase the backs of sandy haired babies and coax small boys to smile.
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