Monday, April 19, 2010

A Day In The Life Of Lucy

When everyone else is told to sit on the cement wall...Lucy climbs the fence...
When she is told to sit next to Jack and stop climbing she looks at everyone else to make sure she is not the only one subject to this absurd rule of sitting down for a picture.
When you ask her to look at the camera and smile you have about .001 second to get her to stand still.
She has the ability to worm her sweet little person into most situations at our house. She is the child who makes me tired and unsure if I should proceed with more baby making. She is also the first one you want at your party...just to liven things up. Lord help us!!
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  1. Although Lucy was brand spanking new the last time I saw her, your descriptions sound like she is exactly who she should be coming from you and Pete. Absolutely perfect!