Monday, April 19, 2010

A Day In The Life Of Lucy

When everyone else is told to sit on the cement wall...Lucy climbs the fence...
When she is told to sit next to Jack and stop climbing she looks at everyone else to make sure she is not the only one subject to this absurd rule of sitting down for a picture.
When you ask her to look at the camera and smile you have about .001 second to get her to stand still.
She has the ability to worm her sweet little person into most situations at our house. She is the child who makes me tired and unsure if I should proceed with more baby making. She is also the first one you want at your party...just to liven things up. Lord help us!!
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day In And Day Out

When I dreamed of being a mom I never thought about the moment to moment struggles. And if you are a mom you know that every moment there is some sort of struggle.
I am a "like to stay busy person." I like to get up with a plan, spend the day executing the plan, and go to bed starting to work out tomorrows plan.
I knew kids would help me stay busy. So, I of course went a little overboard and made a few extra just to make sure I would have enough to do during the day. You know ...have enough to keep my "busy".

Never in my wildest dreams would I have figured that large parts of my time being "busy" would be spent sitting in the same spot collecting rocks and leaves from a proud 15 month old. I never could have conceived the pure joy that comes from being the most important part of HER task, the mom with the open hand!!
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Love Pink

What would I do without so much pink in my life? I know I would be wanting more pink. I don't know if I have mentioned this here but, I LOVE HAVING 4 Daughters!!
I of course love my stern little Jack...but my girls will be my best friends later in life and as some of you know I like having friends.
People always ask me if I want more babies. Here is my answer as of April 14, 2010 at 2:56...KIND OF!! I want another girl so
Priscilla will have a sister to be best buds with. Yes I know she can be best buds with Lucy...but Lucy is best buds with Jack and Jack does not like to share Lucy. On the other hand I want a brother for Jack REALLY BAD!! So that brings me up to needing 2 more kids.
I am not sure if I am equipt to handle 2 more kids...actually 2 more pregnancies. I already feel like my kids are just a bit "dirtier" than they should be....add 2 more and we may be getting the state involved.
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Friday, April 9, 2010

I Love Red

I love red. I love red fruit. I love red Doritos.
I love red paint. I love red almost everywhere.
I especially love red sandals that house dirty toes....
on the wrong foot!! I LOVE RED!!
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Interrupt This Program

I am interrupting the regular scheduled blog to get back to my day to day life. It is Pete’s turn to write the next chapter for our Financial Love Story. But in usual fashion life has gotten in the way of fun blog posts…go figure!
We all had a great Easter. My brother and his family came to visit and every minute was packed with fun and children. I have to sort through all the pics before I share some of those moments.

I just wanted to make a simple observation. It is so simple and silly I think I may delete the post before publishing. You see, today a friend has my 2 older girls. That left me with 2 toddlers and a walking baby. I am usually with all 5 so having 2 less always feels so different, so EASY!! I know it should seem harder with the 3 little ones but this is what I notice. When it is just 1 age group I have an easier time managing them. The tricky part comes with managing 2 different age groups.

When I have just the girls and no babies things are REALLY FUN and EASY!! Having just the little people also seems REALLY FUN and EASY. I can sit at the indoor play area of Chic-Fil-A and occasionally kiss a boo-boo or watch someone go down the slide. CAKE WALK!!

Now you add the girls to that same scene and it turns into some mental work…

“Mama, can we have a milkshake?” “Mama, remember we needed to go to Barnes and Noble to get me my 3000th book.” “Mama did Mrs. So and So call to say if Rebecca can come over? Can we just go pick her up on the way home?” “What’s for dinner?” “What do you think sharks think about?” “Mama, can I have a milkshake now?”

These little guys are so much fun though. They don’t know what they are missing. They don’t ask for a milkshake. They don’t ask what’s for dinner.

They just want you to be there and not miss a minute of them laughing and falling.

I have fun with both age groups. It’s just nice to get a day every now and again to be a mom to just little kids. They really are so much fun!!

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