Saturday, March 20, 2010

All Sacraficing Aside....

Here I am . Glad to be back. I had to RUSH out of town to help my mom and dad move up to North Carolina. I had grand plans of taking my life with me and helping my parents on the side, but God had other plans with my time. But the bottom line is my parents are successfully moved out of a house they lived in for 25 years, doing well in NC and I am back at home looking at a pile of laundry that makes me want to live naked for the next few days.
That may be a bit more visual then necessary, but true none the less.
When I was packing to go to Florida late last Wednesday night I decided not to take my camera. I thought , "I will have no time to snap pictures while I am encouraging my mom to NOT take the ceramic mermaid that she has had for 20 years." Why do I listen to myself. I needed my camera more last week than any other week of my life. So many things came to pass and now all I have is my weak memory to last a fair. I had to say good bye to the house I grew up in. I farewelled my wedding dress. A camera would have been handy. If just to take pictures of my mom and I laughing our way through the difficult days of packing. Her trying to convince me that she really did need to take the 800Th tea cup was an award winning photo opportunity in itself.
And what do you know??? While I was away with my 5 little shadows, shadow #5 started walking and shadow #2 broke her arm. All in a weeks work around here. Hey maybe God really was listening when I said I wanted to embrace sacrifice this Lent. If God is reading I would like to request the following, "God, if you want any more from me, as I expect you will, can you please just let me get a few good nights sleep so I can be ready?" Love, Lisa!

p.s. I have missed this Blog so you miss me too??
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