Friday, February 26, 2010

Just One Of The Girls

I have always wished that I came from a large family. I remember my neighbor from down the street in New York had 2 sisters and a dog.
I wanted to be Janine...REALLY BAD!!
My other friend had 3 cool.

Even when I was a teacher I was always attracted to the kids who came from larger families.

 I know my family is far from large.

 I know I will NEVER have a sister.

 I also know that I love to see these sisters at work. I feel lucky to be part of their lives together. Even if I never got to have my own sister, I get to be best friends with these 4 sisters. God really knows what he is doing.
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  1. Hey Lisa, it is Tracy. That was so touching, especially for me, a person with no siblings. I feel as you do and if I were a bit younger,i may even think about having more. Had a tear in my eye reading about your girls because it is how I feel about mine!!

  2. Great post, great perspective. I do think God gives us a second childhood by letting us live it again, with grown up eyes by watching our babies enjoy theirs.
    I also FINALLY wrote a post on my blog this morning, trying to get back in the swing of things. Let's just call this the Winter Blues, and get on with Spring!