Monday, January 4, 2010

Our New School Year

Today was the first school day of 2010. Usually after Christmas and Summer break parents are ready for the kids to go back to school. But for homeschooling moms the end of a school break means the end of your break too. This part of the school year can be a challenge for some of us homeschooling moms. The newness of school is officially gone and not to return for another 9 months. Kids are asking when summer is and you can only hope there will be a summer this year.

This is my 4th year homeschooling, my 2nd year homeschooling with Lucy June (which has a whole level of exhaustion that can not even be understood with mere words on a screen). These past few days I have been planning the rest of this year. I love counting down weeks and knowing that we actually can finish. I have found that certain things that I plan for really help my day go much smoother.

One of those such things is we ALWAYS begin the day with Emily's favorite subject, Poetry. As you can see I don't believe in saving the best for last. Let's start with the favorite and go down from there. Unfortunately every subject is met with this disdainful reaction. After Poetry, States and Capitals, Catechism questions, Latin word reviews, and History date review,(a total of 15-20 minutes) Emily is then sent upstairs to do some of her independent work. The night before I go over all assignments so she can get right to work in the morning and I write out all of her work so she can cross off each assignment when she is finished. Meanwhile Molly is usually still eating breakfast, because Molly does everything at half/speed. Once Emily is sent upstairs it is Molly's turn for Poetry (and usually a story or 2 about a LONG dream that she must share at that moment). Usually all this is done in PJ's, except for me because I got up about 3 hours ago to get myself squared away.

In between all this rigorous academics life is happening all around us and it is usually loud and funny. Piano practice is always done with Priscilla at your toes. All bathroom breaks are accompanied by a toddler to say bye-bye to your pee-pee, usually ending with a fight because so-and-so was supposed to flush this time.

I just thought I would let you all know what I was doing today, and tomorrow and for then next 18 years. Hopefully with less fare welling to pee-pee!
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  1. We had a bumpy return to school today but at LEAST we started. I'm finishing my semester goals tonight/tomorrow morning. I know it will make me feel better to have my plan on paper. Look forward to seeing you this week!

  2. January and February are the hardest months school-wise for us. The drudge factor is at its peak. To counteract this, we double and triple up on field trips and parties. I love this sight for holidays for every day of the year!

    We started school Monday but today is a school holiday to get ready for our 12th night party. Later in the month we'll have Beach Party Day where we turn up the heat in the house, wear shorts and eat lunch on beach blankets. I have to admit, though, Beach Party Day had a bigger impact in Alaska than it does in Tennessee (though right now we are in a DEEP freeze).

    I do not refuse any invitations during these two months--school work gets done, but we need lots of fun distractions to get us through.

  3. I remember the beach party !!You are the ulitimate homeschooler. If I could do 1/3 as much as you I would be an accomplished mama!!
    I wish I could come to your beach party this year.