Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Oh My, I Can't Tie a Necktie

I am always amazed when I see the huge helicopter Pete flies. It amazes me that anyone can learn all they need to know to fly something that huge and noisy, all without getting air sick. Smelling the fuel is enough for me to reach for an air sick bag. And because Pete is the love of my life and the man who fixes all our boo-boos around here, it always amuses me when I find out he does not know how to do something.
And because he wears an adorable flight suit to work everyday, which is basically a big green sack that zips, he has never learned to tie a necktie. He has gotten by all this time (almost 15 years now) with using the 3 ties his dad tied for him before he left for the Academy.

I am happy to report Pete now knows how to tie his OWN necktie. He started out a bit rough, but he very quickly mastered this foreign garment ritual that some in the civilian world can do blindfolded. I wanted to get a picture of the completed look. He looked amazing with is freshly tied tie. But as you can imagine when we were all getting ready for mass and he presented the finished product I was unable to think clearly enough to snap his picture. Now the picture I really wish I had for you is the one showing the only other thing I know Pete can't do, ice-skate.
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  1. Michael MienaltowskiFebruary 2, 2010 at 6:59 AM

    Lisa, I didn't learn to tie a necktie until the morning of my vet school interview. I should have thought about that ahead of time! Now I do it without looking... but I am not sure which knot it is... It is a fast one to do. Which reminds me... a Coast Guard member who didn't know a specific knot?!? Windsor? Half-Windsor? Whatever it's called...