Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lucy...What More Can I Say??

I have mentioned in previous posts that Lucy is definately our "handful" child. She is a whirlwind of joy, happiness, sadness and excitement, all wrapped up in this sweet blond haired blue eye package. I have energy...but this child is KILLING me.

You know the feeling that you get when you are about the count down to bring in the New Year. Everyone is getting louder and more passionate with every number until finally 1 is reached and there is an explosion of energy. People are laughing and hugging, some are crying, some are shouting, some may have spilled something in an attempt to high five you.

That is Lucy ALL THE TIME. She truly has that much energy ALL the time. Some days I am like "Bring it On Baby Girl". I can match her energetic burst for energetic burst. Then there are other days when I actually would like to get something done other than putting out her fires..which she ignites wherever she goes.

Sunday is the last day before I am back to being a homeschooling mom. Christmas was a marker for us because Lucy is now 2 1/2. Most of the other Melnick children turned a corner at 2 1/2. Lucy can't seem to find a corner so she is just spreading her energy and joy around ALL CORNERS EVERYWHERE!!!

Can someone please tell her New Year's is over. It is time to get back to real life and her mama has a few other children that would like some attention...not to mention a husband.

Lucy was my 6% chance of being conceived baby. This child has got some grit and she is enjoying her little life to the fullest. I just hope I can last the whole party with her.
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  1. Hey I only had a couple of replies to my giveaway (plus one from someone I didn't know who left no contact info) so I am giving gift certificates to both of you! Do you want La Pizzeria or The Pillars? Let me know because I only have one for The Pillars.
    I love me some Lucy stories!