Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Coastie

Let me give you some background info. Pete and I went to High School together where he always had a girlfriend and I always wished he liked me.  Fast foward to his junior year at the Coast Guard Academy where we rekindle a friendship.  I charmed him until he had no choice but to fall in love with me.  I gave him a deadline to propose, or else...  All very romantic.

But when I look back all the romance is in the details.  I used to visit Pete up at the Academy.  I would fly or drive, get there Friday, leave Sunday and thus was our courtship.  While falling in love with Pete I was also falling in love with the Academy, the Cadets and the whole lifestyle.
I remember walking around that campus being the only girl in "civilian" clothes.  I made a head or two turn.  Not because I was something special, just being a girl was special enough.  Very intoxicating.  And all those boys. I became friends with all of Pete's friends.  Those boys had a real brotherhood, a friendship that was beyond just being classmates. 

And no matter where we live Pete always has a "guy I went to the Academy with" friend.  And sometimes those friends ask Pete to meet them out at a bar.  Pete says, "Oh, Lisa I really don't want to go.  I just want to stay home with you."  I tell him, "Not tonight honey, your boys need you, we will be fine.  Go have fun.  Just remember to call me."

And it never fails, he forgets to call, he has a great time and I usually have a "guy I went to the Academy with" sleeping on my couch.


  1. hahahahahaha. I love you Melnicks!!!!!!

  2. hmmmmm, you brought back a lot of
    You fell in love with him, and I loved him from the minute he was born....
    we are both so lucky to have him
    and he is lucky to have you