Friday, January 29, 2010

Favorite Pastime

One way I "save money" is by getting the Rachael Ray magazine.  For Valentines's day 1 year ago I asked for a subscription.  Since recieving this gift I have had lots of fun trying new and exciting recipes which believe it or not has wound up saving me a bundle of money.
Where does the "money saving" part fit?  Well anytime I am feeling a little stir crazy, or feeling the effects from cabin fever and it seems the only logical thing to do to make myself feel better is to go shopping and buy something I don't need, instead I pull out one of my Rachel Ray mags and I search for a simple new recipe to try. This solves several problems for me. First being, I know what we are having for dinner. Second, I get out of the house to collect the needed ingredients, giving me the change of scenery that I needed from the cabin fever . Third, I get to challenge myself and try a new recipe.
Another result of this "money saving" exercise is I get to practice some cooking techniques that may have needed improving.  For example, I love to practice cutting onions.  I love to try , # 1 NOT to cry, #2 to get the slices all the same size.  All this fun for the cost of an onion! 

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  1. glad to see you're up and at 'em, guess you are feeling better. Enjoy your weekend!