Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Eggs Anyone??

We used to have chickens while we lived in Alaska. My dear sweet non-fishing husband had to have chickens while we lived in the rainiest place on EARTH. Chickens are not known for their hygienic existence. But we were able to overcome our repulsions to the stench because we LOVED having fresh eggs. We had 8 chickens for awhile, or maybe 6, I can't remember exactly.

I miss having them. Yes, just another set of words I have to "EAT" because when we sold our house in Alaska I was not sad to see the poultry off. I think that joy may have had to do with the overwhelming amount of chicken poop mixed with rain water, I was glad to wash my hands of it, literally.

But now when I make scrambled eggs and there is NO color for miles around I miss the days of old when we would get 1/2 dozen eggs a day that were bright in color and rich in taste.

This is very typical of me. I am very much the "don't know what you got till it's gone" type gal. We will get chickens again one day.

 I am just hoping it will be a time of my life where I am managing a little less "poop" . A large part of my job description deals with the comings and goings of 5 people's poop. So to take on the management of more just for a few eggs??? Depends on how hungry I am...

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  1. We hope to have our chicken yard running in the next few weeks so I'll be glad to send you eggs anytime to get your "chicken fix". Love the old pics!

  2. Our second pullet just started laying so we're getting two eggs a day now! We're going to set another dozen eggs in our incubator in March to try to raise our little flock to 6 laying hens--now there's a neat homeschool project, Lisa.

    I told Joe yesterday that, if we move, I only have two requirements for the property--that it have a clothesline and we can have chickens. Ah, the good life!