Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Oh My, I Can't Tie a Necktie

I am always amazed when I see the huge helicopter Pete flies. It amazes me that anyone can learn all they need to know to fly something that huge and noisy, all without getting air sick. Smelling the fuel is enough for me to reach for an air sick bag. And because Pete is the love of my life and the man who fixes all our boo-boos around here, it always amuses me when I find out he does not know how to do something.
And because he wears an adorable flight suit to work everyday, which is basically a big green sack that zips, he has never learned to tie a necktie. He has gotten by all this time (almost 15 years now) with using the 3 ties his dad tied for him before he left for the Academy.

I am happy to report Pete now knows how to tie his OWN necktie. He started out a bit rough, but he very quickly mastered this foreign garment ritual that some in the civilian world can do blindfolded. I wanted to get a picture of the completed look. He looked amazing with is freshly tied tie. But as you can imagine when we were all getting ready for mass and he presented the finished product I was unable to think clearly enough to snap his picture. Now the picture I really wish I had for you is the one showing the only other thing I know Pete can't do, ice-skate.
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Friday, January 29, 2010

Favorite Pastime

One way I "save money" is by getting the Rachael Ray magazine.  For Valentines's day 1 year ago I asked for a subscription.  Since recieving this gift I have had lots of fun trying new and exciting recipes which believe it or not has wound up saving me a bundle of money.
Where does the "money saving" part fit?  Well anytime I am feeling a little stir crazy, or feeling the effects from cabin fever and it seems the only logical thing to do to make myself feel better is to go shopping and buy something I don't need, instead I pull out one of my Rachel Ray mags and I search for a simple new recipe to try. This solves several problems for me. First being, I know what we are having for dinner. Second, I get out of the house to collect the needed ingredients, giving me the change of scenery that I needed from the cabin fever . Third, I get to challenge myself and try a new recipe.
Another result of this "money saving" exercise is I get to practice some cooking techniques that may have needed improving.  For example, I love to practice cutting onions.  I love to try , # 1 NOT to cry, #2 to get the slices all the same size.  All this fun for the cost of an onion! 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Eggs Anyone??

We used to have chickens while we lived in Alaska. My dear sweet non-fishing husband had to have chickens while we lived in the rainiest place on EARTH. Chickens are not known for their hygienic existence. But we were able to overcome our repulsions to the stench because we LOVED having fresh eggs. We had 8 chickens for awhile, or maybe 6, I can't remember exactly.

I miss having them. Yes, just another set of words I have to "EAT" because when we sold our house in Alaska I was not sad to see the poultry off. I think that joy may have had to do with the overwhelming amount of chicken poop mixed with rain water, I was glad to wash my hands of it, literally.

But now when I make scrambled eggs and there is NO color for miles around I miss the days of old when we would get 1/2 dozen eggs a day that were bright in color and rich in taste.

This is very typical of me. I am very much the "don't know what you got till it's gone" type gal. We will get chickens again one day.

 I am just hoping it will be a time of my life where I am managing a little less "poop" . A large part of my job description deals with the comings and goings of 5 people's poop. So to take on the management of more just for a few eggs??? Depends on how hungry I am...

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Homeless And Looking For a Home

I have a meeting tonight with a very holy priest.  The reason for this meeting is our homeschool group needs a home.  We have about 80 families in our group with stories all over the board .  Some kids are home because thier mama could not imagine a moment of thier little lives being shared with other people for the majority of the day (that would be my excuse).  Some families homeschool because they want thier kids to go to mass every day and the Catholic schools don't do that anymore.   Some families had thier kids in Catholic school and could no longer afford the private school tution.  Families also have tried public school and for one reason or another the system did not work for those kids.  Some of the families in our group, and  I assume in groups all over the country, have either had their kids in school, or will one day put thier kids in school.  MOST homeschoolers are not ANTI-SCHOOL!  If a homeschool mom gives off the anti-school vibe it is probably that "SHE" herself if against school for HER child...not yours!

However, this post is not to convince you to homeschool, or even convince you to like that I do.  I am just writing to clarify some points I want to make at my meeting tonight.  You see the Catholic parishes around here do not want to acknowledge homeschoolers.  For whateve reason they feel threatened by our children not going to the parish schools.  Therefore our homeschool group, Our Lady of Guadalupe, is not really grounded by any one church.  We have nowhere to call home.  We have nowhere to run meetings, hold parties, or get spiritial direction from.  Yes, we all attend churches spread put throughout Mobile, but we have no common ground.  When a new Catholic family wants to see what we are about they have to meet us at a playground which can be hard to show genuine hospitality when 150 are swinging off the trees all around you.

We need the Catholic Church to recognize our group and all homeschoolers as an asset to the future of our church.  Most of us are dedicated to bringing up our children to not only be highly educated, but also truly consider a vocation in the church, something our church needs desperately.

So, on this feast day of the Conversion of St. Paul.  A day where the church celebrates one of the pivital points in converting Christians, I am asking a priest to be open to being a "Leader" for the future of Catholic homeschooling in Mobile.  Will this decision be as history changing as that of St. Pauls?
You never know what good God can make when people are truly trying to help His Holy Catholic Church. So around dinner time please pray that Father Kee will be open to allowing OLG to call St. Catherine's our home.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Coastie

Let me give you some background info. Pete and I went to High School together where he always had a girlfriend and I always wished he liked me.  Fast foward to his junior year at the Coast Guard Academy where we rekindle a friendship.  I charmed him until he had no choice but to fall in love with me.  I gave him a deadline to propose, or else...  All very romantic.

But when I look back all the romance is in the details.  I used to visit Pete up at the Academy.  I would fly or drive, get there Friday, leave Sunday and thus was our courtship.  While falling in love with Pete I was also falling in love with the Academy, the Cadets and the whole lifestyle.
I remember walking around that campus being the only girl in "civilian" clothes.  I made a head or two turn.  Not because I was something special, just being a girl was special enough.  Very intoxicating.  And all those boys. I became friends with all of Pete's friends.  Those boys had a real brotherhood, a friendship that was beyond just being classmates. 

And no matter where we live Pete always has a "guy I went to the Academy with" friend.  And sometimes those friends ask Pete to meet them out at a bar.  Pete says, "Oh, Lisa I really don't want to go.  I just want to stay home with you."  I tell him, "Not tonight honey, your boys need you, we will be fine.  Go have fun.  Just remember to call me."

And it never fails, he forgets to call, he has a great time and I usually have a "guy I went to the Academy with" sleeping on my couch.

Friday, January 22, 2010

How Things Change

This was me just a few short years ago.  I look at these pictures and I can't even believe what has happened to me since.  I homeschool my kids...what?  Where did that come from?

I don't get mad when he comes home late for dinner when I am waiting to meet friends.  How did I grow into the type of wife that understands the world does not revolve around me?  When did that happen?  I would like to know?

When did I start to get excited because I saved $22 in coupons.  Not a big deal for some, but for me to clip, save and use a coupon is pretty big.  It  seems I used to go out of my way sometimes to pay more for things just because...who knows why?

There are so many things I still want to change.  It seems the list grows more and more each day.  But most of all I want to be a good example for my kids.  And if that means that when I am driving and a car pulls out in front of me I have to say , "That was a non-thinking", instead of saying "You #$%$@$%^!", then so be it!  Most of parenting is about  modeling good behavior.  That is why my kids go to bed by 7:00.  If not ...they would no longer see a model of good behavior.  Something happens to me once my time clock indicates it has been a  14 hour day.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sorry, I Am Back!

I did not mean to leave you all hanging.  You must have been thinking that I actually did go crazy on Tuesday.  However, I did not.  I got through the day..let's just leave it at that.

Yesterday was filled with lots of this baby!! Lots of singing, and as you can imagine lots of energy with all the sweets that we had to let her have!!

I just want all of you to know that I officially declare with great authority, "I AM NOT PERFECT!"
Now that you all know you can  go find another mom blog site that has a perfect mom writing.  But be sure to come back to mine and comment on where I can find her.  I have a lot of questions!

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This Is My Life

Not having a great day. Emily's desk broke, the little ones are really energetic and I have a headache. I needed a moment to pray and collect myself before I walked out the front door to NEVER be seen again.

I asked the kids to play in our backyard. Our backyard has no toys...just dirt. That mess is for a whole other post where you will hear me complain about this miserable yard we moved into....but right all I needed was a moment of peace and I was willing to pay the ultimate price.

I was not thinking it would go this far. Is my moment of peace worth 45 minutes of bath #2, outfit change #2, ? I am going to say NO! Peace is on hold for me right now. I am not in the season of my life that I can find peace at 10:30 on a Tuesday morning. Just get a grip Lisa!

I need ALL THE PRAYERS you can muster. I am trying to be a good mom today..but I may have to scrap that idea and just make it through the day alive and here.

p.s. Priscilla turns 1 tomorrow and I have nothing cake, no presents, no energy to care. I am trying to prepare Emily for a spelling bee this Friday and Molly is learning subtraction. Lucy is a potty pro, and likes to practice every ten minutes. Did I mention I have a headache?

You may be thinking ...why are you blogging then? How do you have the time for that? I don't !!! And that is why my kids are covered in DIRT and asking for their mom back. I am taking a few moments to try and locate her myself.
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Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm So In Love

When it comes to this baby, I am SO in love! I love all my babies, even when they are 2, but this baby has us all wrapped around her adorable sticky finger.

Pete and I will often times argue over who gets to hold her. She is so sweet you could eat her with a spoon!

Is she so sweet because she has amazing God parents who pray for her daily?

Or is it because we have done this a few times now and we realize that someday she will not be crawling on our floor, looking so small, needing so much. Maybe we are finally understanding the statement, "Enjoy it while it lasts." Then again, some people are just easier to enjoy.
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