Friday, December 11, 2009

You May Be Wondering How Pete Did

Some of you may be wondering how Pete did on his first solo mission with all 5 kids for 5 days. Before I left he had grand plans of keeping us all entertained by blogging for me, amidst all his other duties. I am sad to say the blogging never happened. But he did an amazing job.

I was feeling guilty about the kids having 2 weeks off for Thanksgiving so I left Pete in charge of their schooling for the week. I walked him through some basic assignments and hoped for the best. He was a great substitute. I am not sure if he wants to quit his day job (thank goodness I could never fly a helicopter, although the flight suits do look comfy). This is the first time that my kids were in school and I was not here!!! He can run my class any way, any day!

I came back to a clean house, no laundry, fresh sheets and a happy family. The first thing he said to me was, "Lisa, this is hard work. You deserve a trip like this. Where do you want to go next?" He loves me, he really loves me!!!

......We quickly tucked all in bed and some real thank yous were issued...but that is for another post!
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