Saturday, December 19, 2009

....The Winner Is...

a girl who has been a big part of my life since moving to Mobile. She lives in this house and they were made for each other. Elizabeth is the picture of Southern Hospitality. When we moved here she took me right in and made me feel at home in so many ways, always inviting me places and making sure I was included in things she was doing. After a while I loved her family so much I had them move in....(after we moved out of course)

It was at her house that I had my "It's a Wonderful Life" night to remember. When I walked in and saw her beautiful HUGE tree I knew it needed this ornament on it.

I loved reading the comments about the First Ladies. My own favorite is Abigail Adams. I fell in love with her after watching the John Adams series from Showtime. Pete and I loved watching that series and I learned so much. I am so amazed at what the women in our country had to endure during the American Revolution. It helps me to have perspective sometimes when I am feeling over worked and over least I have shampoo, conditioner, a blow dryer and flat iron. You know, the basics!

Thanks Elizabeth for commenting and I think I have your address around here somewhere...
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