Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Christmas List

This time last year I was VERY pregnant with this sweet smiling baby. I was so glad to be having the last few months of my pregnancy in the "winter". Being fat and happy is hard to do when you are roasting too!!
This year we have 5 living breathing present opening
folks . Another new thing we have this year is a Christmas with no gifts for me. Usually I am at the top of my list for people to buy for. And I have to admit when I shop for others it usually goes something like this, "One for her, two for ME". I can not help myself, I LOVE Stuff. However, we have had so much "buying" to do since the fire that I am kinda needing a "I need " break.
Pete is a little scared. I have said things in the past like, "Don't worry hon, I don't want anything this year". He foolishly believed me back then...poor guy. But this year is different. I don't know why. I just feel different about the whole thing. Maybe it is because I already feel like I have everything I need..for the moment. Trust me, this post easily could have been about all the sparkley fun things I have to restrain myself from buying myself.  Maybe, just maybe, I am figuring out the difference between a need and a want.  Or maybe I am finally sticking with my promises over the last few months when I have wanted something a little pricey that we could let that count for Christmas, like my camera, my purse and wallet, my trip to DC, my new piece of furniture from White House Antiques, my coat and boots for my DC trip, my turkey platter.  Wow, I better go get to the business of thanking Pete for such a generous Christmas!
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  1. Well if you want to start giving stuff, I'll take your new mixer :)