Thursday, December 10, 2009

Random Thoughts On A Random Night

Pete's Dad is such a good guy. Not to many men can handle what happens when I walk into the room. Not because I am so attractive...but because what I usually have attached to me is 5 hungry, loud people who like to announce our presence. Pete's dad can handle it..and usually grabs a baby or 2 to participate in it!

I am not a huge fan of dogs. Nothing personal. However, over Thanksgiving I met a dog that took a small chink out of my cold- dogged heart. And when I went to DC I once again met a dog with a really great name (Molly) that made me smile more than I ever allowed myself to smile over a canine.  I would love to have shown a picture of her here...but that dog never was still enough for me to snap a picture.

I am not a sweets person. I would much rather inhale a bag of Doritos than a tray of brownies...I just thought you all should know that!

p.s. I am trying to think of a fun Give-A-Way. Do you have any ideas??? Check back tomorrow night. I think I just might have something. You will never guess what it is????

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