Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Old ME

I may have mentioned my birthday a time or two recently. I got to go to DC for 5 days and celebrate with my friend and her family.

I got to dress in cute clothes every day. My lipstick stayed on and my mascara did not run. My hair was washed and flat ironed EVERY day. I wore high heel boots ALL OVER DC!! I ate dinner after 5:00. I had no stains on my shirt. I did not have to eat or see ketchup AT ALL!! I woke up after 5:30. I got to start and finish EVERY sentences. People actually did not ask me to cut their meat. I did not have to say, "What do you say?" to ANYONE!!

And now here I am back in reality...mascara totally running by 10:00 because I have rubbed my face in utter frustration 65 times during multiplication with my 3rd grader. I am so NOT wearing high heeled black leather boots (more like faded gold flip flops and yoga pants, to be exact ). My hair is washed and I do flat iron it every morning, but the humidity, even in December, is an evil enemy to my daily hair battle. I see more ketchup than I thought possible. I have not finished a sentence in days and I have stains on my shirts from breakfast to dinner!!!

And to top it all off...I have several gray hairs.

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  1. You make me so jealous! I can't remember the last time I didn't have to ask someone if they need to go potty, or to use their napkin--not their shirt, and to actually sleep until noon!

    I'm in total need of a mental health day!