Sunday, December 20, 2009

It Is Almost Christmas Eve's Eve

I remember as a kid having the same feeling my kids are feeling right now (wait, I still feel it myself). There is energy in the air, excitement everywhere so everyday must be an eve of something great. I totally agree! There is a lot of greatness that goes on this time of year. Sometimes I am like, "Can't we spread the joy out over the year a bit better? Do we really have to cram this much fun into 4 weeks?"

Tonight we had a kids Christmas gift exchange, cookie decorating, general mayhem party with my friend Tammy, mom of eight!!! Every time our families get together it feels like a party but tonight we actually called it one. There are a couple of reasons it always feels like a party...

The number one reason is anywhere you take Lucy feels like a party, instant chaos (just add Lucy). Another reason is there are 13 children between the 2 of us and there are usually only 2 adults. As you can imagine with 13 people there is usually food and drink involved. Turn on some music to drown out the crying and you have a party.

So here we are, home from our party and entering the home stretch. This is the 4Th Sunday of Advent. This is the week my kids have been waiting for all year. We get to take a break from school and Pete gets some time off from work. We make it to more Masses this week and then we have the ultimate Feast of Christ's birth. This night does feel like the eve of lots of joy to come!!Rejoice!
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  1. Love Pete's new "do!" Why do guys get to grow cuter and women need to use more make-up? Not fair. I'm just glad I get to look at them and sorry they have to look at me. Oh, cute kids, too :-)

  2. Hey Jane,
    If you saw some pictures of me from High School you would re-think the whole only men get cuter business. Although I do agree that men age a bit more graceful. That's because we take such good care of them!!
    Merry Christmas Eve's Eve Emily would say.