Sunday, December 6, 2009

History Brief (just SOME highlights)

I am not sure you all want to hear ALL the amazing details of my trip, but I have to share just a few. My dear friend Jane was an amazing hostess and event planner. I had fun from the minute I landed, (after I puked for 5 hours on the plane...a little travel detail I forgot about before I left), until the moment I left DC during the first snow of the season. Not only did Jane take me to some amazing places, we got to hang out and just chat. I stayed up late, ate great food, and drank LOTS of OJ!!

On my last night in DC Jane and her family took me to see "A Christmas Carol" at Ford's Theatre. Being there was amazing! During the whole play I just kept looking over at the box where Lincoln was shot...amazed that I was there!!!

Earlier in the week Jane hooked us up with an amazing tour of the Capital building.

 We got to go in the underground "Senator" railway system where only "authorized personal" traveled from staff buildings to the big Capital building without ever walking back outside. I was giddy with power!! We then got to go watch the Senate debate health care, and watch the Congress take a vote on something that they all agreed on (all yahs). We have no idea what they were voting on, it was just nice to see them agree!!

But the first treat was walking into a church that George Washington used to go to.

 His pew is still there just as it was when he was a member.

I got to sit where George Washington sat to hear God's Word!! Can you even imagine??

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