Monday, December 14, 2009

December Give-A-Way

I am sorry about the MAJOR tease the other day on the whole give-a-way thing. I really don't know what happened this weekend. We just had all our moments taken by all sorts of important needs, you know, falling for the 900th time at breakfast because of rocking back and forth on a chair, spilling ONLY milk...never water, and ...oh never mind.

This is Monday, it is raining and HOT here in Alabama, and I want to bring some Christmas Cheer to this little Blog O' Mine (I'm gonna let it shine...) So, my give-a-way for December is this beautiful White House ornament. The White House Historical Association releases an ornament each year honoring a past president. This year the ornament is honoring Grover Cleveland's second term 1893-1897. I know you all love good old Grov, but really the ornament is beautiful. It comes in a beautiful box with a great little booklet informing you about Grover Cleavland . Call me sentimental, but we live in the greatest nation on earth and we are so lucky to live in a land that has such amazing traditions and freedom. I am just a proud American and I want your tree to have a little piece of our history. All you have to do is comment to this post who your favorite First Lady is. I know lots of people read this blog and NEVER comment. I would love to hear from you all !!

I was hoping to give away the recipe to this AMAZING caramel cake Jane made me for my birthday...but I do not have it myself which would be essential to being able to give-it-away. However, I did get her recipe for an amzing salad dressing she made me. You never know what bonus prize will come with this great ornamnet.  Just be sure to comment and check back on Wednesday!!

So, Good Luck!! May the best First Lady Win!!

The picture above is of Jane and I touching a "lucky spot" in the Capital Building...passing on the luck!

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  1. My favorite First Lady is Barbara Bush. because in 7th grade we had to do a report on someone we admired, and I chose her because someone else took my first choice, which was Mother Teresa. :) But you better not give away that ornament unless you already bought yourself one!

  2. My favorite First Lady would be Eleanor Roosevelt for two reasons, 1 - I watched an obscure video about her in school, therefore she was the only First Lady I really knew anything about, and 2 - she was in Annie!! not the real one of course but the character playing her did help Annie sing the Tomorrow song!!! My favorite movie of all times :)

  3. It's a toss-up between Martha Washington and Barbara Bush--actually they seem very similar to each other: dignified, standing by their president-husbands, not into drawing attention to themselves, mothers and grandmothers.

    I actually met Barbara Bush, and Laura and Condi Rice and Lynn Cheney, at a Bush rally in Grand Rapids, Mich. in 2000. These are all pretty cool ladies, but Barbara stands out as the "queen".

  4. Hmm, this is a tough one for me. I don't know much about Barbara Bush and although I loved Clinton as a president, I didn't like Hillary as a First Lady because I thought she didn't have enough self-respect to leave Bill after the whole scandal. Maybe Michelle will be my favorite but it's too soon to tell. Do I still get to enter into the drawing for the ornament even though I'm wishy washy? lol

  5. So, here goes mine. I LOVE Abigail Adams. I am so amazed at her strength. She was a woman who lived most of her young married life alone and supported her husband through some rough times.
    I hope I win...oh yeah...I can't!